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48 Pages Complete Study Notes Year Uploaded: 2022

Research Methods in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Steps in the Research Process 1) The first step in conducting psychological research involves the formulation of the problem or issue. 2) The second step involves taking variables, which are the elements measured in research investigations, and generating statements known as the hypotheses, which are statements about the supposed relationships between or among variables. 3) The 3rd step is choosing a particular research design. The type of design selected depends on such things as the research setting and the degree of control that the researcher has over the research setting. 4) The 4th and 5th steps involve the collection and analysis of data. This involves statistical analysis of quantitative data (self-report), although qualitative data can also be analysed (personal interview). 5) The final step in the research process is interpretation of result. Here the researcher draws conclusions about the meaning of the findings and its relevance to actual work behaviour.

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