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SU1-6 planning, capacity, process, quality, and inventory 3 Flow : funds, information, material Productivity equation (popular in exams) = output/in Exam, lets you choose any company and explain value chain, productivity measurement (calculation) SU1 Operations Management and Value Chains INPUT > OPERATION > OUTPUT OPERATION – production of goods, and provision of services Goods and Service Goods Service Tangible Intangible Less customer participation High customer participation Easier to predict demand Harder to predict demand Can be stored and inventoried Cannot be stored and inventoried Manufacturing facilities location can be anywhere Service facilities need to be located close to customers Protected by patents Not protected by patents Example: car service center is a service facility Value = perceived benefit/price(cost) Customer Benefit Packages (CBP) Defined a set of tangible (Good) and intangible (Service) feature that every customer purchase. A visualise the perks on the product and what are the advantages of the product of service so that customer would decide for themselves. (Safety, ease of storage) Primary - “Core” offering that addresses basic needs Peripheral - Not essential to the primary good & service, but is present to enhance the offering Variant - add on like(showering) enhance

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