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14 Pages Topic Notes Year Uploaded: 2023

Urban planning Strategies and their aims Problems Solutions / Aims Possible urban planning strategies Overcrowding - lack of amenities - Slums (poor health, sanitation, psychological) - cost of living Transport congestion Reverse Migration (Push) → decrease density Benefits - population spatial distribution - provision of amenities - development of lower tier cities - sense of identity for each city Evaluation: If you overdo - Pollution (old and new site) noise - Disruption of businesses Master plan coordination at the national level Infrastructure and transportation planning ● Coordinate due to having excessive infrastructure outside the city (ghost cities) + overcrowding in the city Decentralization & special economic zones or agglomeration of uses ● Fringe centers ● Land use zoning Land-use zoning (Mid Term) By rezoning certain areas to have specific functions (eg. Brisbane as tourist related) How: Provide incentives for business and individuals to move Multiple nuclei model LIMITATION: Must have incentive for people to move Solution: ensure the different areas are not clones, have to establish a sense of place, character of each city

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