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6 Pages Topic Notes Year Uploaded: 2022

Notes include the following dot points: Science Understanding: Musculoskeletal System · the muscular system is organised to maintain posture and produce movement; muscle fibre contraction can be explained using the sliding filament theory · movement results from the actions of paired muscles, with others acting as stabilisers, to produce the required movement · the skeletal framework of the body consist of bone and cartilage which function to provide body support, protection and movement, and is facilitated by the structure and function at cell and tissue levels · articulations of joints of the skeleton are classified according to their structure or the range of movements permitted Science as a Human Endeavour · osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are diseases, primarily of ageing, that cause disability. Increased understanding of the causes of these conditions leads to improved practices for management and prevention Science Inquiry Skills · select, construct and use appropriate representations, including labelled diagrams and images of various cells, tissues and organ systems, to communicate conceptual understanding, solve problems and make predictions · perform real or virtual dissection, safely, competently and methodically for the collection of valid and reliable data

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