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3AB - Human Biology
5128 - Consumer Law
ACCT1101 - Financial Accounting
ANHB1101 - Human Biology I
ANTH1101 - Being Human: Culture, Identity and Society
CHEM1004 - Biological Chemistry
CLAN1001 - Myths of the Greeks and Romans: Story, History and Reinvention
ECON1101 - Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
ECON1102 - Macroeconomics: Money and Finance
ECON2236 - International Finance
EDUC1102 - Learning Effectively
ENSC2002 - Energy
ENSC3014 - Electronic Materials and Devices
FINA3324 - Investment Analysis
HIST1001 - Old Worlds and New Empires
HUMA2236 - Refugees and Human Rights
INDG1150 - Aboriginal Encounters: Strangers in Our Backyard
LAWS1104 - Introduction to Law
LAWS1106 - Criminal Law II
LAWS1107 - Torts I
LAWS2202 - Equity
LAWS2203 - Trusts
LAWS3308 - Marketing, Management and the Law
LAWS3327 - Advanced Evidence & Proof
LAWS3331 - Comparative Law
LAWS3332 - Succession
LAWS3334 - Law and Religion
LAWS3339 - Intellectual Property: Creative Rights
LAWS3358 - Indigenous Peoples and the Law
LAWS4030 - Commercial Practice
LAWS4101 - Foundations of Law and Lawyering
LAWS4102 - Criminal Law
LAWS4103 - Contract Law
LAWS4104 - Property Law
LAWS4106 - Torts
LAWS4108 - Foundations of Public Law
LAWS5101 - Constitutional Law
LAWS5102 - Administrative Law
LAWS5107 - Evidence
LAWS5135 - Insurance Law
LAWS5144 - Mining and Energy law
LING1101 - Language and Communication
LING2003 - Language, Culture and Society
MGMT1135 - Organisational Behaviour
MGMT3347 - Strategic Management
MICR2209 - Introduction to Infectious Diseases and Immunology
MKTG1203 - Marketing Managment
MKTG2305 - Marketing Research
MKTG8462 - Global Marketing Strategy
PATH3308 - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine II
PHAR1101 - Drugs that Changed the World
PHARM2210 - Foundations of Pharmacology
PHIL1002 - Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHYL2001 - Physiology of Human Body Systems
POLS1101 - The Liberal Democratic State
POLS2201 - Public Policy
POLS2214 - Strategy, Diplomacy and Conflict
POLS3313 - Australian Foreign Policy
PSYC1101 - Psychology: Mind and Brain
PUBH1101 - Health and Illness in Human Populations
STAT1520 - Economics and Business Statistics
TORTS1107 - Torts Law
VISA1105 - Art in the Age of Modernism