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Task 2: Radio Scripts & Radio Soundtrack
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Task 2: Radio Scripts & Radio Soundtrack

54047 - Advertising Campaign Practice

7 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

This assessment is an individual creative assignment. Adopting a Creative Brief (chosen from those presented in Assessment 1), individual agency team members use this as a springboard to develop the following: two written 30-second commercial scripts, i.e. 2 audio script ideas with voice over (max voice over length will not exceed 70 words) in the format learned in class. students choose one script each and produce it as a recorded audio track for broadcast radio in USB or CD format. a 350-word creative rationale. The rationale will provide an explanation of how the scripts are consistent with the Creative Brief, and why one script has been chosen. students will also submit the agency’s finalised Creative Brief as part of their assignment (the Creative Brief is not included in the word count).

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