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AYB225 - management accounting
CMS1000 - Communication & Scholarship
ECO1000 - Economics
ENL3000 - Modernism
ESN4200 - Numeracy and Learning Analytics
HMT2000 - Ethical Issues and Human Rights
INR1000 - International Relations in a Globalizing Era
INR1001 - Global Transitions and Human Security
INR2000 - Issues in a Globalizing World
INR2002 - Contemporary Issues in Asia
INR3003 - War and Terrorism
INR3004 - Change in Contemporary China
LAW1112 - Legal Writing and Research
LAW1113 - Civil Obligations A
LAW1121 - Criminal Law
LAW1123 - Civil Obligations B (Contract)
LAW1124 - Civil Obligations C
LAW1202 - Contract Law A
LAW2211 - Constitutional Law
LAW2212 - Equity
LAW2213 - Property & Trusts A
LAW2221 - Administrative Law
LAW2222 - Public International and Human Rights Law
LAW2224 - Theories of Law
LAW2301 - Internet and E-Commerce Law
LAW3204 - Property Law B
LAW3311 - Company Law
LAW3312 - Ethics for Lawyers
LAW3321 - Evidence
LAW3322 - Civil Procedure
LAW3479 - Family Violence and Child Protection Law
MKT1001 - Introduction to Marketing
MKT2002 - Global Marketing
POL2001 - Politics and International Business
PSY1020 - Foundation Psychology B
PSY1030 - Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychology