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ABST150 - Introduction to Aboriginal Australia
ACCY100 - Accounting 1A
ACCY111 - Accounting Fundamentals in Society
ACCY112 - Accounting In Organisations
ACCY305 - Financial Accounting III
ACCY902 - Financial Accounting
ACCY936 - Management & Information Systems
ARTS035 - Introduction to Philosophy
BCM102 - Understanding Audiences
BCM111 - International Media and Communications
BCM210 - Research Practices in Media and Communication
BIOL103 - Molecules, Cells and Organisms
BMS101 - Systemic Anatomy
BUSS110 - Introduction to Business Information Systems
CHEM320 - Bioinformatics: From Genome to Structure
COMM101 - Principles of Responsible Commerce
COMM331 - Simulation of a Socially Innovative Enterprise
COMM390 - Commerce Internship
ECON940 - Statistics for Decision Making
ECTE233 - Digital Hardware
ECTE290 - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
EESC104 - The Human Environment: Problems and Change
ELL110 - Language in Social Life
ELL182 - Effective Written Communication
ELL210 - Communication Across Cultures
ENGG100 - Engineering Computing and Analysis
ENGG102 - Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics
ENGG103 - Materials in Design
ENGG104 - Electrical Systems
ENGG153 - Engineering Materials
ENGG434 - Introduction to Materials Welding and Joining
ENGL268 - Dreams and Visions in Literature and Film
ENGL280 - Popular Literature: Writing for Children & Young Adults
ENGL360 - Desiring Bodies: Gender & Sexuality in Literature & Film
ENGL365 - 19th-Century Women's Literature
ENGL366 - Black Writing from Africa, the US and the Caribbean
FREN220 - The Making of France and the French Nation
GEO121 - Human Geography
GEOG121 - Human Geography I
HAS130 - Social Determinants of Health
HIST110 - The PreModern World
HIST111 - The Modern World
HIST257 - The World After 1945
INDS207 - Critical Themes in Indigenous Studies
INTS100 - Introduction to International Studies
INTS120 - Shaping Twentieth Century
INTS310 - Human Security, Global Capitalism and the Environment
ISIT102 - Information Systems
ISIT351 - Information Technology Project
LAW100 - Law in Society
LAW302 - Law of Business Organisations
LAW315 - Taxation Law
LAW960 - Legal Studies for Professionals
LHA101 - Introduction to Arts and the Humanities
LLB 354 - Human Rights Law
LLB1115 - Legal Skills
LLB1197 - Ethics and Professional Responsibility
LLB140 - Advocacy Skills
LLB240 - Law of Torts
LLB250 - Drafting Skills
LLB260 - Dispute Management Skills
LLB280 - Constitutional Law
LLB319 - International Business Law
LLB324 - Public Interest Law
LLB334 - Environmental Law
LLB343 - International Law
LLB348 - Media Law
LLB361 - Law and Popular Culture
LLB377 - Wills and Succession Planning
LLB379 - Sports Law
MARK101 - Marketing Principles
MARK205 - Introductory Marketing Research
MARK221 - Public Relations Concepts
MARK301 - Internet Applications for Marketing
MARK320 - Social Marketing
MARK333 - Marketing Communications & Advertising
MATH142 - Essentials of Engineering Mathematics
MECH252 - Thermodynamics, Experimental Methods and Analysis
MECH341 - Thermodynamics of Engineering Systems
MECH382 - Manufacturing Engineering Principles
MEDI110 - Human Growth Nutrition and Exercise
MGMT102 - Business Communications
MGMT201 - Organisational Behaviour
MGMT311 - Management of Change
MGMT389 - International Business Management
MGNT322 - Learning and Development in Organisations
NMIH101 - Effective Communication in Health Care Relationships
NMIH102 - Patterns of Knowing in Nursing
NMIH103 - Art And Science of Nursing A
NMIH104 - Art And Science of Nursing B
NMIH206 - Therapeutic in Nursing
PHIL106 - Media Ethics and Law
PHIL107 - Introduction to Philosophy
POL111 - Australian Politics
POL211 - Democracy in Theory and Practice
POL323 - An Unequal World
PSYC101 - Psychology Intro
PSYC120 - Critical Thinking and Communication Skills in Psychology
PSYC122 - Foundations of Psychology B
PSYC123 - Research Methods and Statistics
PSYC234 - Biological Psychology and Learning
PSYC348 - History and Metatheory of Psychology
SHS130 - An Introduction to Public Health
SNPG902 - Effective Management in Health
SOC103 - An Introduction to Sociology
SOC203 - Introduction to Social Theory
SOC326 - Globalisation & Social Transformation
SPAN151 - Spanish for Beginners 1
SPAN251 - Spanish
STS112 - The Scientific Revolution
BCM200 - Media Events and Rituals
EESC203 - Biogeography and Environmental Change
LAW101 - Law, Business and Society
MARK217 - Consumer Behaviour
POL121 - Politics in a Globalising World
PSYC121 - Foundations of Psychology A
ACCY200 - Financial Accounting IIA
ECON101 - Macroeconomic Essentials for Business
EESC252 - Geology for Engineers I
LAW319 - International Business Law
MARK343 - International Marketing
PSYC350 - Social Behaviour and Individual Differences
ACCY231 - Information Systems in Accounting
ECON111 - Introductory Microeconomics
MGNT110 - Introduction to Management
PSYC489 - Advanced Abnormal Psychology
ACCY312 - Management Accounting III
ECON309 - Environmental Economics
LLB100 - Foundations of Law A
MGMT206 - Managing Human Resources
ECON320 - Economics of Small and Medium Enterprises
FIN111 - Introductory Principles of Finance
LLB110 - Legal Research and Writing
FIN222 - Corporate Finance
LLB1120 - Law of Contract A
FIN251 - Introduction to Financial Planning
LLB1130 - Criminal Law and Process A
LLB150 - Communication Skills
LLB1160 - Interpreting the Law
LLB1170 - Law of Contract B
LLB1180 - Criminal Law and Process B
LLB210 - Law of Contracts
LLB220 - Property and Trusts A
LLB230 - Administrative Law
LLB270 - Property and Trusts B
LLB290 - Legal Theory
LLB300 - Remedies and Procedure
LLB301 - Evidence
LLB302 - Law of Business Organisations
LLB305 - Insurance Law
LLB309 - Public Law B
LLB320 - Commercial and Consumer Contracts
LLB330 - Law of Employment
LLB331 - Intellectual Property Law