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Thinkswap has a diverse collection of notes and study guides from students studying at the University of Wollongong sourced from people who have previously completed these courses successfully, and we’re happy to make our collection available to you!

So, how does studying using Thinkswap’s student submitted UOW study guides help you? As our information is compiled from materials constructed by many different authors, they will clearly have different writing and presentation styles. This means that, while they’re covering the same content, the brain will recognise each of the sets of notes as a completely new piece of information. It will therefore pay more attention to these new notes than it does to the same old notes you’ve read many times over. The increased amount of attention raises the rate at which the brain accurately processes and stores the information, and this translates into you gaining much more knowledge from each of your study sessions.

If more efficient study sessions sound like something you want, then Thinkswap’s stock of student submitted UOW notes are the perfect solution for you. Start studying smarter with Thinkswap today - you won’t believe the time you’ll save! 

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