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2030 - Criminal Law and Procedure
ACCT2011 - Small Business Accounting
ACCT3002 - Taxation Law 1
ACCT5017 - Taxation Law M
ACG 31 - Auditing Practice and Theory
ARCH 1020 - Architecture and Environment
ARCH1033 - Architectural Documentation
BEHL2012 - Biological and Learning Psychology
BEHL3024 - Personality Psychology
BLW16 - Foundations of Business Law
BUSS 1057 - Business and Society
BUSS 1058 - Communication and Information Systems in Business
BUSS 2066 - Creativity and Innovation
BUSS1054 - Management Principles
BUSS2043 - Foundations of Human Resource Management
BUSS2065 - Business Operations
BUSS2068 - Management and Organisation
CIVE3003 - Reinforced Concrete Design
COML5009 - Commercial Law
COMM 2011 - Reporting for the Media
COMM 2060 - Communication, Culture and Indigenous Australians
COMM 2063 - Games: Industry, Culture and Aesthetics
COMM 3004 - Communication and Organisations
COMM 3006 - Advertising: Images, Industry and Audience
COMM 3007 - Creative and Feature Writing for the Media
COMM1006 - Communication and Media
COMM1018 - Screen Matters: Film, Television and New Media
COMM1060 - Ideas, Innovation and Communication
COMM2075 - Film Genres
COMM3057 - Advanced Professional Writing
COMM3060 - Television and Video Journalism
ECO12 - Macroeconomics 1
ECON1008 - Principles of Economics
ENGG5006 - Engineering Research Methods
HIST20067 - Contact, Conflict, New Worlds
HLTH1028 - Evidence Based Practice 1
HUMS 2023 - Culture, Place and Meaning
HUMS 2024 - Mapping Everyday Cultures
INFS 2036 - Business Intelligence
INFS2022 - Project Management: Principles and Strategies
INFT1007 - Desktop Publishing
LANG 1054 - Intercultural Communication
LAWS 1009 - Contracts B
LAWS 2018 - Property Law B
LAWS1014 - Torts A
LAWS1018 - Business Law
LAWS2017 - Property Law A
LAWS4002 - Civil Procedure
LPL4804 - Conveyancing
MARK 1008 - Buyer and Consumer Behaviour
MARK 1010 - Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange
MARK 2020 - Market Research
MARK2013 - Sales and Distribution Management
MATH1053 - Quantitative Methods for Business
PERF1001 - Effective Communication
PHAR 2019 - Fundamentals of Pharmacology
PHAR1008 - Health Professional Essentials
PHAR1009 - Pharmacy Practice 1
PHAR2020 - Pharmacology 2
POLI1008 - Governance and Citizenship in Australia
REHB2012 - Physiotherapy Clinical Studies 201
REHB3007 - Acute Care
REHB3009 - Pain Sciences
REHB3065 - Primary and Ambulatory Care in Physiotherapy
SOCU1003 - The Social World
SPRC1004 - Leisure Concepts
TOUR 1001 - Understanding Travel and Tourism
TOUR 2004 - Tourism: Food, Wine and Festivals
TOUR 2009 - Foundations of Event Management