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AFM101 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
ANAT110 - Introduction to Human Anatomy
ANCH110 - Introduction to Ancient Greece
ANCH305 - Greek Democracy and its Enemies
ANCH322 - Bronze Age Greece and the Aegean
ANPR321 - Animal Function, Health and Welfare
COMM102 - Media Convergence and Culture
COMM120 - Media Studies: An Introduction
COMP131 - Computer Science I
COMP283 - Computer Architecture and Assembler
CRIM100 - Understanding Crime
ECON102 - Macroeconomics
ECON202 - Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON351 - Australian Industrial Relations
FSC102 - Fundamentals in Forensic Science
GEPL316 - Urban Living
HIST151 - Modern Australia
HIST165 - Europe and the New World
HIST308 - Crusader Europe, 1095-1453
HIST329 - Australia and the World: An International History
HIST331 - War and Australian Society in the 20th Century
HIST343 - Islam in the Modern World
LAW 251 - Corporations Law
LAW100 - Introduction to Legal Systems and Methods
LAW101 - Law in Context
LAW157 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW161 - Criminal Law
LAW164 - Indigenous Australians and the law
LAW171 - Law of Contract I
LAW220 - Constitutional Law
LAW231 - Law of Torts I
LAW232 - Law of Torts II
LAW272 - Law of Contract II
LAW281 - Property Law I
LAW282 - Property Law II
LAW313 - Evidence and Proof
LAW314 - Advanced Criminal Law
LAW400 - Administrative Law
LING244 - Language and the Law
LS100 - Introduction to Legal Systems and Methods
LS160 - Criminal Law and Procedure
LS210 - Civil Procedure and Evidence
LS240 - Equity and Trusts
LS312 - Civil and Criminal Procedure
LS320 - Professional Conduct
LS335 - Human Rights
LS351 - Corporation Law
LS355 - Jurisprudence
LS361 - Public International Law
LS370 - Family Law
LS389 - Legal Practice in Rural and Regional Communities
LS397 - Criminal Defences
LS480 - Advanced Legal Research
MM110 - Introduction to Marketing
MM202 - International Business
MM221 - Human Resource Management
PAIS352 - International Human Rights
PSYC101 - Introduction to Psychology I
PSYC103 - Psychology and Society: Effective Parenting
PSYC200 - Social Psychology
PSYC202 - Research Methods and Statistics
PSYC206 - Cognitive Psychology
PSYC213 - Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PSYC308 - Sport and Exercise Psychology
PSYC366 - Biopsychology
PSYC371 - Psychological Testing
SOCY340 - Social Theory