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ACC10007 - Financial Information for Decision Making
ACC60005 - Accounting Principles
ART30001 - The Grand Challenges
CIS211 - Database Concepts and Modelling
COM10006 - Academic Literacies
CRI30002 - Corrections: Systems and Practice
CVE10006 - Sustainable Design
CVE30004 - Cost Engineering
ECO10004 - Economic Principles
EDU10002 - Understanding Language and Literacy
EDU10006 - Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
FIN20013 - Banking Operations and Governance
FOR10001 - Introduction to Forensic Psychology
HBH226 - Strategic Human Resource Management
HBL606 - Australian Contract Law
HBSG200 - New Venture Development and Management
HES2155 - Geomechanics
HES3112 - Urban Water Resources
HES3150 - Geotechnical Engineering
HES4126 - Structural Engineering
HES4136 - Transport Engineering
HES5195 - Infrastructure Management Project
HES6PHE - Port and Harbour Engineering
HRM20016 - Dynamic of Diversity in Organisations
INF10003 - Introduction to Business Information Systems
INF20003 - Requirements Analysis and Modelling
LAW10014 - Tort Law
LAW200014 - Land Law
LAW20009 - Evidence
LAW20013 - Property Law
LAW30007 - Copyright
LAW60003 - Corporation and Contract Law
LBL100 - Introduction to Commercial Law
MDA10001 - Introduction to Media
MGT10001 - Introduction to Management
MKT10002 - Marketing Concepts
ORG20001 - Organisations & Management
ORG20003 - Organisational Behaviour
PHY10001 - Energy and Motion
PSY10003 - Psychology 100
PSY10005 - Introduction to Research Methods
PSY101 - Psychology 1A
PSY20003 - Psychology of Adolescence
PSY20006 - Cognition and Human Performance
PSY20007 - Development of Psychology
PSY20008 - Psychology of Infancy and Early Childhood
PSY20016 - Social Psychology
PSY30009 - Social Psychology
PSY30012 - Psychology of Trauma
STA20006 - Analysis of Variance and Regression