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Power consumption can be one of society’s biggest ongoing costs and electrical energy is the main culprit. Power (P, units in Watts [ js-1]) is the measurement of how much work (W) charges (q) are doing within a potential difference (ΔV) per unit of time (s): P = (ΔVq)/(t) = (W)/(t) Each appliance or consumer of electrical power behaves according to this equation. The higher the power rating the more energy is consumed. Electric Bills are stated and charged in Kilowatt hours (KWh) where power and usage time dictates how much current is drawn. The use of multiple, high powered appliances for long durations cause people to have large electricity bills. To overcome this, newer, more efficient appliances replace old ones which counteract cost but are speculated to have less operating lifespans meaning they need to be replaced sooner. Over time, appliances start to work inefficiently as well completing the cycle of energy use in homes.

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