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ACCT1046 - Accounting in Organisations and Society
ACCT1048 - Corporate Accounting
ACCT1054 - Financial Accounting and Reporting
ACCT1056 - Auditing 1
ACCT1060 - Management Accounting and Business
ACCT1064 - Cost Analysis and Applications
ACCT2033 - Financial Accounting and Analysis
ACCT2060 - Accounting in Organisations and Society
ACCT2210 - Accounting in Organisation and Society
AERO 2366 - Advanced Aerospace Design Project
AERO2247 - Solid Mechanics and Materials 1
AERO2255 - Management of Aerospace Design and Research
AERO2355 - Systems Engineering
AERO2357 - Aerospace Finite Element Methods
AERO2359 - Aerospace Structures
AERO2360 - Aerospace Propulsion
AERO2394 - Aeronautical Design
AERO2409 - Managing the Engineering Environment
ARCH1023 - Architecture History Introduction
ARCH1024 - Australian Architecture
ARCH1026 - History Western Architecture 20th Century
BAFI1002 - Financial Markets
BAFI1045 - Investment
BAFI3194 - Investment
BESC1123 - Principles of Psychology
BESC1190 - Biological Psychology
BESC1429 - Forensic Psychology
BESC1433 - Psychological Assessment and Individual Differences
BESC1445 - Psychopathology and Methods of Intervention
BESC1491 - Understanding the Psychology of Health
BIOL1131 - Neuroscience
BIOL2044 - Human Physiology 2: Body Systems
BIOL2200 - Outbreak: The Detection and Control of Infectious Disease
BIOL2254 - Bioinformatics
BIOL2260 - Biological Chemistry
BIOL2272 - Biology of the Cell
BIOL2275 - Head and Visceral Anatomy
BIOL2299 - Biology Tissue Growth and Repair
BIOL2301 - Applied Biochemical Methods
BUIL5997C - Identify Services Layout and Connection Methods to Medium Rise Construction Projects
BUSM1080 - Employment Relations
BUSM1094 - Organisational Behaviour
BUSM1222 - International Business
BUSM1228 - Managing Human Performance
BUSM1311 - The Entrepreneurial Process
BUSM3115 - Ethics and Governance
BUSM3118 - History of Management Thought
BUSM3119 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
BUSM3122 - Occupational Health and Safety Management
BUSM3123 - Organisational Theory
BUSM3125 - Strategic Management
BUSM3149 - Supply Chain Management
BUSM4095 - Human resource management
BUSM4176 - Introduction to Management
BUSM4185 - Introduction to Management
BUSM4188 - Leadership and Decision Making
BUSM4192 - Introduction to Management
BUSM4361 - Visual Management for Business
BUSM4550 - Creativity, Innovation and Design
BUSM8720C - Undertake Project Work
CHEM1083 - Food Chemistry
CIVE1187 - Statics
COMM1036 - Histories of Film Theory
COMM1161 - Foundations of Public Relations
COMM2333 - Client Management
COMM2638 - Narrating The Self
COMM2658 - Journalism: Professional Placement
COSC1114 - Operating Systems Principles
COSC1125 - Artificial Intelligence
COSC1147 - Professional Computing Practice
COSC1284 - Programming Techniques
COSC1301 - Web Servers and Web Technology
COSC2061 - Data Communication & Net-Centric Computers
COSC2110 - Data Mining
COSC2536 - Security in Computing and Information Technology
COSC2615 - Advanced Professional Development
COSC2628 - User-Centered Design
ECON1010 - Macroeconomics 1
ECON1020 - Prices and Markets
ECON1025 - Prices and Markets
ECON1030 - Business Statistics 1
ECON1061 - Quantitative Analysis
ECON1066 - Basic Econometrics
ECON1192 - Macroeconomics 1
ECON1239 - Financial Economics
EEET2098 - Electronic Engineering 3
EEET2248 - Engineering Methods
EEET2249 - Circuit Theory
GRAP2223 - Fashion Technology 3
GRAP2226 - Fashion Studies 2
GRAP2230 - Fashion Studies 3
GRAP2362 - Fashion Design Studio 1
GRAP2363 - Fashion Textile/Technology A
GRAP2375 - Principles and Elements of Design
GRAP2440 - Fashion Materials
HUSO2112 - Research Strategies
HUSO2164 - Social Construction of the Self
HUSO2186 - Art History and Theory 1
HUSO2186_1510 - Art History & Theory 1
HUSO2244 - The Social Role of the Artist
HUSO2248 - Art, Politics and Environment
HUSO2266 - Critical Ideas in Contemporary Social and Political Theory
HUSO2309 - Art and Global Cities
HUSO2326 - Sound Cultures
HWSS5407C - Values and Principles
INTE1063 - Digital Business Security and Risk Management
INTE2043 - Business Information Technology
ISYS1055 - Database Concepts
ISYS1073 - Knowledge and Data Warehousing
ISYS1084 - Object Oriented Software Design
ISYS1118 - Software Engineering Fundamentals
ISYS2056 - Business Computing 1
ISYS2059 - Business Computing 1
ISYS2061 - Internet for Business
ISYS2395 - Business System Analysis & Design
ISYS3374 - Business Analytics
JUST1028 - Company Law
JUST1077 - Competition and Consumer Law
JUST5710 - Apply Investigative Processes Within Justice Environments
JUST5712 - Research Criminology and Crime Prevention for Application to Practice Within Justice Environments
JUST5721 - Cultural Diversity in Justice
JUST5722 - Conflict Resolution in Justice
JUST5723 - Apply Management and Leadership within Justice Environments
JUST5724 - Apply Foundation Legal Principles
LANG1006 - Literary Realism to Post-Modernism
LANG1030 - Professional English
LAW1019 - Introduction to the Australian Legal System and Legal Methods
LAW1020 - Torts
LAW1022 - Intellectual Property Law
LAW1023 - Administrative Law
LAW1024 - Australian Property Law
LAW1025 - Equity & Trusts
LAW1026 - Australian Company Law
LAW1027 - Federal and State Constitutional Law
LAW1028 - Australian Taxation Law
LAW1029 - International Law
LAW1030 - Civil Procedure
LAW1031 - Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
LAW1034 - International Business Law
LAW1037 - Legal Practice Management and Professional Conduct
LAW1039 - Labour Law
LAW2394 - Criminal Law
LAW2395 - Evidence
LAW2436 - Advocacy Skills and Training
LAW2442 - Commercial Law
LAW2450 - Company Law
LAW2457 - Law of Investments and Financial Markets
LAW2480 - Business and Corporation Law
LAW2497 - Commercial Law
LAW2524 - Fundamentals of Contract Law
LAW2531 - Introduction to Family Law in Australia
MANU1458 - Major Project B
MANU1459 - Major Project A
MANU2092 - Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM) in Fashion and Textiles
MANU2095 - Manufacturing Systems
MATH2160 - Engineering Maths A
MEDS2106 - Histopathology and Cytopathology 1
MGMT5121 - Logistics Management
MIET1076 - Mechanical Vibrations
MIET2032 - Renewable Energy Systems
MIET2095 - Thermo-Fluid Mechanics
MIET2097 - Engineering Mechanics
MIET2114 - Professional Practice 3
MIET2115 - Mechanics & Materials 2
MIET2135 - Thermo-Fluid Mechanics 2
MIET2376 - Engineering Biomechanics
MIET2394 - Computational Fluid Dynamics
MIET2420 - Mechanical Design 1
MKTG1025 - Marketing Principles
MKTG1041 - Marketing Communication
MKTG1045 - Market Research
MKTG1048 - Sales Strategy and Communication Skills
MKTG1050 - Buyer Behaviour
MKTG1053 - Service Quality
MKTG1061 - Global Marketing
MKTG1065 - B2B Marketing
MKTG1069 - Advanced Marketing Concepts and Applications
MKTG1071 - Strategic Marketing
MKTG1086 - Business Ethics
MKTG1087 - Retailing
MKTG1092 - Product Innovation and Management
MKTG1101 - Consumer Behaviour
MKTG1199 - Marketing Principles
MKTG1205 - Marketing Principles
MKTG1257 - Marketing Communication
MKTG1259 - Global Marketing
MKTG1296 - Marketing Principles
MKTG1510 - Sales Strategy
OHTH2083 - Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Health
OMGT1053 - Supply Chain Management Strategy
OMGT1074 - Warehouse and Distribution Channels
OMGT1082 - Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management
OMGT2222 - Transportation and Freight Logistics
OMGT2225 - Procurement Management and Global Sourcing
OMGT2228 - Operations Management
OMGT2230 - Business IT & Supply Chain
OMGT2256 - Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management
ONPS1118 - Nutrition Principles
ONPS2093 - Molecular Genetics and Diagnostics
ONPS2135 - Food Toxicology, Allergens & Health
ONPS2153 - Medical Informatics and Laboratory Management
ONPS2305 - Drug Research and Development
ONPS2321 - Applied Science 2 - Physics and Chemistry
OTED2108 - English Critical Analysis
POLI1025 - Power and Governance
PUBH1394 - Introduction to Public Health
REHA2166 - Chiropractic 5
SOCU1016 - Culture and Business Practice in Asia
SOCU2095 - Sociology of Law
SOCU2097 - Welfare Law
SOCU2112 - Global Political Economy
SOCU2253 - Criminal Behaviour Analysis
VART3506 - Ideation for the Object