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AMB200 - Consumer Behaviour
AMB201 - Marketing and Audience Research
AMB202 - Integrated Marketing Communication
AMB204 - Purchasing Procurement
AMB206 - Social Marketing
AMB207 - Entertainment Marketing
AMB210 - Importing and Exporting
AMB211 - Brand Management
AMB220 - Advertising Theory and Practice
AMB240 - Marketing Planning and Management
AMB263 - Introduction to Public Relations
AMB264 - Public Relations Techniques
AMB303 - International Logistics
AMB318 - Copy Writing
AMB319 - Media Planning
AMB320 - Advertising Management
AMB330 - Digital Portfolio
AMB335 - E-Marketing Strategies
AMB336 - International Marketing
AMB340 - Services Marketing
AMB359 - Strategic Marketing
AMB372 - Public Relations Planning
AMB373 - Issues, Stakeholders and Reputation
AMN442 - Marketing Management
AYB200 - Financial Accounting
AYB219 - Taxation Law
AYB221 - Accounting Systems and Technologies
AYB225 - Management Accounting
AYB230 - Corporations Law
AYB240 - Superannuation Regulation and Practice
AYB250 - Personal Financial Planning
AYB301 - Audit And Assurance
AYB311 - Financial Accounting Issues
AYB321 - Strategic Management Accounting
AYB339 - Accountancy Capstone
AYB340 - Company Accounting
AYB341 - Forensic and Business Intelligence
AYN414 - Cost and Management Accounting
AYN456 - Business and Corporations Law
BEB200 - Introducing Sustainability
BSB110 - Accounting
BSB111 - Business, Law & Ethics
BSB113 - Economics
BSB115 - Management
BSB119 - Global Business
BSB123 - Data Analysis
BSB124 - Working in Business
BSB126 - Marketing
BSD113 - Economics
BSD115 - Management
BSD124 - Working in Business
CAB201 - Programming Principles
CAB240 - Information Security
CAB399 - Capstone Project (Phase 2)
CLB320 - Studies Language
CRB001 - Mathematics in Primary Education
CRB005 - Primary English Curriculum Studies 1
CRB008 - Primary Mathematics Curriculum Studies 1
DAB325 - Architecture in the 20th Century
DEB100 - Design & Sustainability
DEB102 - Introducing Design History
DFB102 - Introduction to Fashion
DFB502 - Ragtrade: The Business of Fashion
DTB302 - Colour Studies
DXB201 - Visual Interactions
EAP - English for Academic Purposes
EFB201 - Financial Markets
EFB210 - Finance 1
EFB223 - Economics 2
EFB225 - Economics for the Real World
EFB226 - Environmental Economics and Policy
EFB240 - Finance for International Business
EFB312 - International Finance
EFB330 - Intermediate Macroeconomics
EFB343 - Corporate Finance
EFB360 - Finance Capstone
EFN406 - Managerial Finance
EGB100 - Engineering Sustainability & Professional Practice
EGB111 - Foundation of Engineering Design
EGB113 - Energy In Engineering Systems
EGB120 - Foundations of Electrical Engineering
EGB121 - Engineering Mechanics
EGH414 - Stress Analysis
ENB200 - Introducing Engineering Systems
ENB222 - Thermodynamics 1
ENB273 - Civil Materials
ENB277 - Construction Engineering Law
ENB280 - Hydraulic Engineering
ENB331 - Materials and Manufacturing 2
ENB378 - Water Engineering
ENB381 - Civil Engineering Construction
ENB382 - Estimating in Engineering Construction
ENB432 - Asset Management
ERB102 - Evolving Earth
IAB302 - Information Systems Consulting
IFB101 - Impact of IT
INB123 - Project Management Practice
INB311 - Enterprise Systems
INB346 - Enterprise 2.0
JSB170 - Introduction to Criminology and Policing
JSB171 - Justice and Society
JSB173 - Understanding Criminal Justice System
JSB174 - Forensic Psychology and the Law
JSB179 - Crimes of Violence
KCB101 - Media and Communication Texts
KCB102 - Media Mythbusting
KCB103 - Strategic Speech Communication
KCB104 - Media and Communications: Industries
KCB106 - Media in a Globalised World
KCB203 - Consumption Matters: Consumer Culture and Identities
KCB205 - Professional Communication
KCB206 - Social Media, Self and Society
KCB301 - Media Audiences
KDB110 - Deconstructing Dance in History
KFB207 - Contemporary Fashion
KJB101 - Computational Journalism
KJB102 - Introduction to Journalism, Media and Communication
KJB239 - Journalism Ethics & Issues
KKB101 - Creative Industries: People & Practices
KKB102 - Creative Industries: Making Connections
KMB003 - Sex Drugs Rock 'N' Roll
KMB107 - Sound, Image, Text
KMB122 - Music and Sound Concepts 1
KMB215 - The Music Industry
KPB105 - Narrative Production
KPB109 - Film, Screen and Animation Histories
KPB113 - TV and Film Text Analysis
KPB114 - Studio Approaches to Screen Projects
KPB116 - Introduction to Scriptwriting
KPB205 - Approaches to Contemporary Documentary
KPB206 - Global Screen Industries
KTB101 - Understanding Theatre
KTB103 - Performing Skills 1: Character and Scene
KXB101 - Introduction to Entertainment
KXB102 - Global Entertainment
KXB201 - Entertainment Practice: Balancing Creativity and Business
KXB301 - Entertainment Industries Studio
LB433 - Theories of Law
LCB002 - Child and Adolescent Development and Learning
LLB101 - Introduction to Law
LLB102 - Torts
LLB103 - Dispute Resolution
LLB104 - Contemporary Law and Justice
LLB105 - Legal Problems and Communication
LLB106 - Criminal Law
LLB140 - Human Rights Law
LLB141 - Introduction to International Law
LLB142 - Regulation of Business
LLB202 - Contract Law
LLB203 - Constitutional Law
LLB204 - Commercial and Personal Property Law
LLB205 - Equity & Trusts
LLB243 - Family Law
LLB244 - Criminal Law Sentencing
LLB245 - Sports Law
LLB301 - Real Property Law
LLB303 - Evidence
LLB304 - Commercial Remedies
LLB344 - Intellectual Property Law
LLB346 - Succession Law
LLB443 - Mining and Resources Law
LLB445 - International Commercial Litigation & Arbitration
LLB447 - International Arbitration
LLH206 - Administrative Law
LLH302 - Ethics and the Legal Profession
LLH305 - Corporate Law
LLH401 - Legal Research Capstone
LQB284 - Biomedical Skills 2
LQB382 - Developmental Anatomy and Tissue Adaptation
LQB388 - Medical Physiology 1
LQB482 - Anatomical Imaging
LQB485 - Cell Biology
LQB488 - Medical Physiology 2
LQB490 - Cytogenetics and Molecular Pathology
LSB142 - Human Anatomy and Physiology
LSB255 - Foundations of Anatomy and Histology
LSB258 - Principles of Human Physiology
LSB281 - Human Health and Disease Concepts
LSB282 - Bioscience 2
LSB382 - Bioscience 3
LSB384 - Pharmacology for Health Professionals
LWB136 - Contracts A
LWB137 - Contracts B
LWB144 - Laws and Global Perspectives
LWB145 - Legal Foundations A
LWB146 - Legal Foundations B
LWB147 - Torts A
LWB148 - Torts B
LWB235 - Australian Federal Constitutional Law
LWB238 - Fundamentals of Criminal Law
LWB239 - Criminal Responsibility
LWB240 - Principles of Equity
LWB241 - Trusts
LWB243 - Property Law A
LWB307 - Insolvency Law
LWB308 - Australian Employment Law
LWB309 - Succession
LWB313 - Discrimination & Equal Opportunity Law
LWB407 - Private International Law
LWB431 - Civil Procedure
LWB433 - Professional Responsibility
LWB459 - Commercial and Consumer Law
LWB482 - Internet Law
LWB483 - Medico-Legal Issues
LWB484 - Electronic Commerce and Technology Contracts
LWB485 - Environmental Law and Sustainability
LWS008 - Entertainment Law
LWS009 - Introduction to Law
LWS011 - Journalism Law
LWS012 - Urban Development Law
LWS101 - Ethics Law and Health Care
MAB126 - Mathematics for Engineering 1
MGB200 - Managing People
MGB201 - Contemporary Employment Relations
MGB207 - Human Resource Issues and Strategy
MGB210 - Managing Operations
MGB220 - Human Resource Decision Making
MGB223 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MGB225 - Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills
MGB226 - Innovation, Knowledge & Creativity
MGB227 - Entrepreneurship
MGB310 - Managing Sustainable Change
MGB314 - Organisational Consulting and Change
MGB324 - Managing Business Growth
MGN409 - Management Theory and Practice
MGN412 - Organisational Behaviour
MGN442 - Self Leadership
MXB103 - Introductory Computational Mathematics
MXB105 - Calculus of One and Two Variables
MXB107 - Introduction to Statistical Modelling
MZB126 - Computational Engineering
NSB012 - Clinical Practice 2
NSB015 - Clinical Practice 5
NSB021 - Nursing Practice in Context 1
NSB023 - Nursing in Context 3
NSB321 - Pain Management
NSB603 - Introduction to Cardiothoracic Nursing
PUB326 - Introduction to Epidemiology
PUB530 - Health Education & Behaviour Change
PUB648 - Diet, Nutrition & Chronic Disease
PUN015 - Environmental Management and Sustainability
PYB007 - Interpersonal Processes and Skills
PYB100 - Foundation Psychology
PYB102 - Introduction to Psychology 1b
PYB110 - Psychological Research Methods
PYB203 - Developmental Psychology
PYB208 - Counselling Theory & Practice 1
PYB309 - Individual Differences and Assessment
PYB359 - Introduction to Family Therapy
QCD110 - Professional Communication 1
QCD210 - Academic Communication
QCF212 - Academic English 2
SEB104 - Grand Challenges in Science Teaching Team
SEB116 - Experimental Science 2
UDB 110 - Residential Construction Engineering
UDB104 - Urban Development Economics
UDB140 - Property Valuation 1
UDB200 - Project Planning
USB100 - Introduction to the Built Environment
USB140 - Imagine Property
UXB112 - Introduction to Structures
XNB151 - Food and Nutrition
XNB172 - Nutrition and Physical Activity
XNB250 - Food Science
XNB251 - Nutrition Science
XNB351 - Medical Nutrition Therapy 1
XNB352 - Foodservice Management
XNB354 - Advanced Food Studies