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Feature Article Based of the Play 'Ruby Moon'
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Feature Article Based of the Play 'Ruby Moon'


3 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

he little girl skips down Flametree Grove but little do we know she will never make it home. Her disappearance leaves her parents in despair and a hole in her mother’s heart that Ray can’t repair. Their mental states begin to deteriorate; relationships are at stake. Suspicious neighbours leave the parents in the dark. This fractured fairytale will tear a family apart. The ideal suburban image becomes tarnished as the dark side of suburbia unfolds and falls into a painful dystopia of grief, fear and loss at seemingly idyllic and joyful Flametree Grove. The loss of a child becomes fate, a tragic occurrence that frequently make headlines and is a fear that is deeply embedded into the Australian psyche. Put simply, it’s every parent’s worst nightmare. The Australian Institute of Criminology reports that over 20,000 children are annually reported missing. How would you feel if one of your little ones suddenly disappeared? One day they’re there, the next day they have seemingly vanished from the face of the Earth.

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