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BMS100 - Human Structure and Function
BRM - Business Research Methods
BS103 - Quantitative Methods
BS160 - Principles of management
BS235 - The Economics of Financial Crises
BS340 - Company Law
BS345 - International Marketing
BS550 - Marketing Fundamentals
CO115 - Academic Writing and Research
EL102 - The Western Literary Tradition
EL104 - World Literatures
EL304 - Modernism and the Avant-Garde
ENGL3030 - Gothic Literature and its Legacy
ET100 - Ethics
HIST10600 - U.S. History to 1877
HPE100 - Physical Activity and Health
HPE142 - Human Growth and Development
HPE162 - Health Issues and Preventative Approaches
HPE210 - Psychosocial Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity
JS212 - Living Human Rights
LAWS2300 - Contemporary Legal Issues
LAWS2310 - Equity
LAWS2410 - Property Law A
LAWS3150 - Bioethics and the Law
LAWS3950 - Commercial Law
LW100 - Legal Research & Writing
LW1010 - Legal Process and Statutory Interpretation
LW102 - Legal History
LW211 - Principles of Contract Law A
LW212 - Principles of Contract Law B
LW221 - Principles of Torts
LW222 - Torts B
LW231 - Principles of Equity
LW241 - Property Law A
LW242 - Property Law B
LW251 - Criminal Law A
LW251/LW251 - Criminal Law A and B
LW252 - Criminal Law B
LW305 - Familly Law
LW309 - Human Rights Law
LW313 - Succession
LW321 - Corporations and Partnerships
LW323 - Evidence A
LW324 - Evidence B
LW3300 - Administrative Law
LW331 - Administrative Law A
LW338 - Mental Health and Law
LW341 - Constitutional Law A
LW342 - Constitutional Law B
LW350 - Legal Philosophy
LW405 - Remedies
LW420 - International and Comparative Law
LW462 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
NH208 - Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2
PL1000 - Introduction to World Politics
PL3022 - The Modern Middle East
PT101 - Logos I
SO300 - Ableism, Disability and Society
SO306 - Social and Public Policy
SS115 - Introduction to Biological Sciences
SS120 - Introduction to Physical Sciences
SS125 - Molecular and Cell Biology
WR13200 - Writing and Rhetoric