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Newcastle University is the most highly regarded educational institution in the entire Hunter region. Clearly, the university intends to keep this status, judging by the complexity of the curriculums and the effort they demand from their students. The good news is, Thinkswap is here to help lighten the load that the taxing amount of study is putting on your shoulders. We offer an entire collection of UoN notes and UoN study guides that will aid you in attaining the success you deserve.

Thinkswap gets all its content from students that have been studying the exact same courses as you, so you can trust that our content is suitable for your studying needs. We also have processes to ensure that, as well as being suitable, the content is of a high standard, too. Studying with our UoN notes lets you see a fresh perspective on all your coursework, which, as well as creating new information pathways in the brain, helps in processing and retaining information when compared to just studying your same old notes over and over.

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