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ACFI1001 - Accounting for Decision Makers
ACFI1002 - Accounting Practice
ACFI3001 - Accounting Theory
ACFI3004 - Taxation
AHIS1000 - Ancient Greece
BIOL1001 - Molecules, Cells and Organisms
BIOL1003 - Professional Skills for Biological Sciences 1
BIOL1040 - Introduction to Biology I
BIOL2001 - Molecular Laboratory Skills for Biological Science
BIOL2002 - Laboratory Skills in Biological Systems
BIOL2020 - Animal Physiology and Development
BIOL2050 - Molecular Genetics
BIOL2090 - Microbial Biology
BIOL3090 - Molecular Biology
BTEC2230 - Biomolecules
CAPA1001 - Creative and Performing Arts: Space, Place & Time
CHEM1010 - Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM1020 - Introduction to Chemistry II
CIVL3280 - Geomechanics 2
CMNS2720 - Media, Law and Ethics
COMP1050 - Internet Communication
ECON1100 - Microeconomics I
EDUC1003 - Learners and the Learning Process 1
EDUC1055 - Foundations of Child Development
EDUC2101 - Introduction to Specialist Studies
EDUC4093 - Specialist Studies in Society and Culture, Aboriginal Studies and Studies of Religion
EDUC4136 - Specialist Studies in History 2
EDUC6740 - Students with Special Needs in Diverse Contexts
EDUC6764 - The Practicing Professional Primary Teacher
EDUC6773 - The Reflective Secondary Teacher
EDUC6911 - Schooling, Identity and Society
EDUC6912 - Aboriginal Education
ELEC2320 - Electrical Circuits
ENGL3101 - Modern World Literature
EPHLTH370 - Science for Nursing and Midwifery
EPHUMA155 - Introduction to Legal Studies
EXSS1010 - Foundations of Exercise & Sport Science
FMCS1200 - Film and Television Studies
FMCS2000 - Media Structures and Practices
FMCS2100 - Music and Culture
GSBS6001 - Managing Under Uncertainty
GSBS6002 - Foundation of Business Analysis
GSBS6004 - Organisational Behaviour and Management
HIST 3580 - Sex and Scandal in History
HIST 3735 - European Union
HIST1001 - Europe and the World
HIST1050 - Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HIST3640 - Fascism, War and Genocide, 1900-1945
HLSC1000 - Transition to Health Sciences Education and Practice
HLSC1200 - Nutrition 1
HLSC2242 - Working with Men and Boys in Human Services
HUBS 2103 - Neural and Visceral Anatomy
HUBS1105 - Musculoskeletal Anatomy
HUBS1401 - Human Bioscience
HUBS1403 - Biomedical Science Part 1
HUBS1404 - Biomedical Science Part 2
HUBS1406 - Human Bioscience for Nursing and Midwifery
HUBS1416 - Advanced Human Bioscience
HUBS2505 - Human Pathophysiology
IRHR1001 - Managing the Organisation
JAPN2410 - Japanese Society and the World
LAWS1003A - Torts Part A
LAWS2003A - Torts - Part A
LAWS2004B - Criminal Law & Procedure - Part B
LAWS3004A - Contracts - Part A
LAWS3004B - Contracts - Part B
LAWS4001 - Constitutional Law
LAWS4002 - Administrative Law
LAWS4003 - Civil Procedure
LAWS4004 - Evidence
LAWS4005 - Company Law
LAWS4006 - Jurisprudence
LAWS4007 - Public International Law
LAWS4011 - Property Law
LAWS4054A - Legal Practice 1 - Part A
LAWS5009 - Employment Law
LAWS5063 - Family Law
LAWS6001 - Legal System and Method
LAWS6002B - Torts - Part B
LAWS6004A - Contracts - Part A
LAWS6004B - Contracts - Part B
LAWS6010 - Company Law
LEGL1001 - Foundations of Law
MEDI1013 - Introduction to Public Health
MEDI3014 - Health Equity Selectives
MIDI1203 - Optimising Psychophysiology for a Healthy Transition to Parenthood
MKTG1001 - Introduction to Marketing
MNGT1001 - Introduction to Management
MNGT3011 - Leading Organisational Change
MRSC1010 - Medical Radiation Science 1A
MRSC1100 - Diagnostic Radiography Methods 1
MRSC2110 - Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice 2A
NUDI2200 - Food Science 2
NURS1201 - Foundations of Professional Practice
PHIL 3580 - Ethical Issues
PHIL1060 - Intro to Philosophy of Psychology
PHTY1040 - Introduction to Physiotherapy
PHTY2020 - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy I
PHTY2030 - Neurological Physiotherapy I
PHTY2040 - Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy I
PHTY3020 - Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy II
PHTY3070 - Advanced Neurological Physiotherapy
PHTY3080 - Physiotherapy Through the Life Stages
PHTY3090 - Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
PHTY3100 - Critical Thinking in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
PHYS1250 - MRS Physics & Radiation Protection
POLI3040 - Politics of Globalisation
PSYC1000 - Introductory Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC1010 - Introduction to Psychology
PSYC1020 - Psychology Introduction 2
PSYC1200 - Pre-Professional Psychology 1
PSYC2200 - Pre-Professional Psychology II
PSYC2300 - Cognitive Psychology
PSYC2400 - Biological Psychology
PSYC2500 - Introduction to Abnormal Behaviour
PSYC2600 - Personality and Social Psychology
PSYC3000 - Advanced Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
PSYC3200 - Pre-Professional Psychology III
PSYC3301 - Advanced Perception and Learning in Psychology
PSYC3500 - Advanced Health Psychology
PSYC3700 - Advanced Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychopathology
PSYCH1010 - Psychology Introduction 1
SCIM1040 - Foundations of Science and Technology
SOCA1010 - Society and Culture: A Sociological Introduction
SOCA1030 - Sociology of Religion
SPTH1001 - Child Speech and Language 1
SPTH3002 - Swallowing Across the Lifespan
STAT1070 - Statistics for Science
STAT2000 - Applied Statistics and Research Methods