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BAR100 - Academic Learning Skills
BAR150 - Ideas and Identity
BJU100 - Australian Legal System
BJU150 - Law in Context
BJU200 - Skills for Legal Practice
BJU300 - Legal Theory and Research
BLS165 - Introduction to Business Law
BUS130 - Foundational Mathematics for Business
BUS209 - Market and Advertising Law
BUS303 - Taxation
CRM100 - Introduction to Criminology
CRM202 - Corrections
CRM203 - Criminal Behaviour
ENV211 - Pollution and its Control
ENV244 - Oceanography and Marine Pollution
LAW207 - Mediation
LAW252 - Evidence
LAW253 - Property
LAW258 ADMIN LAW - Administrative Law
LAW260 - Contract
LAW301 - Legal Theory
LAW304 - Criminology
LAW320 - Sentencing
LAW321 - Dispute Resolution
LAW323 - Social and Welfare Law
LAW337 - Human Rights
LAW339 - Shipping Law
LAW351 - Equity and Trusts
LEG100 - Law, Justice and Social Policy
LEG120 - Legal Research
LLB120 - Legal Writing for Lawyers
LLB130 - Criminal Law and Procedure
LLB152 - Torts
LLB210 - Law of Costs
LLB251 - Equity
LLB253 - Property Law A
LLB254 - Property Law B
LLB259 - Constitutional Law
LLB260 - Contract Law
LLB310 - Competition Law
LLB316 - Basic Principles of Taxation Law
LLB332 - Commercial Law
LLB335 - Mining and Natural Resources Law
LLB340 - Advanced Criminal Law
LLB352 - Evidence
LLB353 - Trusts
LLB356 - Climate Change, Sustainability and Environmental Law
LLB358 - Australian Administrative Law
LLB363 - Employment Relations Law
LLB370 - Family Law
LLB372 - Law of Occupational Health and Safety
LLB391 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
LLB392 - Oil and Gas Law
LLB450 - Civil Procedure
LLB452 - Corporations Law
LLB468 - Ethics and Professional Responsibility
MBS513 - Management Accounting
MCC108 - Introduction to Communication and Media
PHL130 - Introduction to Philosophy
POL133 - Politics, Power and Policy
POL335 - Policing, Intelligence and Counterterrorism
PSY141 - Introduction to Psychological Science
PSY251 - Psychology: Biological Bases of Behaviour
PSY285 - Psychology: Social Bases of Behaviour
REL101 - World Religions
SCI18 - Fundamentals of Chemistry
SSK19 - Learning To Learn In Business
VET106 - Animal and Human Bioethics
VET107 - Principles of Vertebrate Physiology