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AGR2AN - Animal Nutrition
AGR2BAA - Biochemistry For Agriculture and Animal Sciences
AGR3AH - Animal Health
BIO1APM - Animal, Plant and Microbial Life
BIO1EEB - Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity
BIO1MGC - Molecules, Genes and Cells
BUS1AFB - Accounting and Finance for Business
BUS1BFX - Business Fundamentals
BUS5KMS - Knowledge Management Systems
BUS5SMM - Sustainable Management and Marketing
CSE100F - Java Programming
DEN1DSA - Dental Science A
DEN1DSB - Dental Science B
DEN2CGD - Craniofacial Growth and Development
DEN2DPH - Dentistry Public Health & Preventive Practice
DEN2MED - Medicine For Dentistry
DEN3ICP - Introduction to Clinical Practice
DTN101 - Introduction to Nutrition
ECO4MTA - Microeconomic Theory and Applications
FIN5FMA - Financial Management
HBS1HBA - Human Bioscience
HBS1HBB - Human Biosciences B
HBS2ALF - Anatomy of the Lower Limbs and Foot
HBS2HAA - Human Anatomy A
HBS2HAB - Human Anatomy B
HBS2PTB - Human Physiology Theory B
HBS3APA - Advanced Human Physiology A
HBS3HAC - Human Anatomy C
HBS3NPM - Biomechanics of Normal and Pathological Movement
HLT1IPP - Introduction to Professional Practice
HUS1FAS - Rethinking Our Humanity
HUS1TEN - Ideas That Shook The World
JRN2DIJ - Dilemmas in Journalism: Legal and Ethical Issues
LAW1CRL - Criminal Law
LAW1DR - Dispute Resolutions and Methods
LAW1LIM - Legal Institutions and Methods
LAW1PPL - Principles of Public Law
LAW2CIV - Civil Procedure
LAW2CSL - Constitutional Law
LAW2CTA - Contract Law A
LAW2CTB - Contracts B
LAW2ECP - Evidence and Criminal Procedure
LAW2FPL - Foundations of Property Law
LAW2RPT - Real Property Law
LAW2STA - Statutory Interpretation
LAW2TOT - Principals of Tort Law
LAW3ADM - Administrative Law
LAW3ANI - Animal Welfare Law and Policy
LAW3BFL - Banking and Finance Law
LAW3CJU - Criminal Justice
LAW3CMP - Company Law
LAW3ENV - Environmental Law
LAW3ETR - Equity and Trusts
LAW3GIL - General Insurance Law & Practice
LAW3LPC - Legal Practice and Conduct
LAW3PIL - Public International Law
LAW3PRP - Property Law
LAW5HAL - Introduction to American Law
LST2BSL - Introduction to Business Law
LST2LBA - Law of Business Association
LST2LJP - Law, Justice and Power
MAN005 - Methods in Business Research
MDS1TRW - The Roman World: Myth and Empire
MED3MSA - Advanced Topics in Medical Science A
MGT1FOX - Foundations of Management
MGT20BE - Organisational Behaviour
MGT3SMG - Strategic Management
MIC1IEP - Infections and Epidemics
MID3CCM - Common Complexities in Maternity Care
MKT2SMA - Services Marketing
MTK2BBM - Brands and Brand Management
ORH1IOS - Introduction to Oral Sciences
PHE102 - Individual Determinants of Health
PHE1IDH - Individual Determinants of Health
PHI2BAW - Being in the World
PHI2LMU - Language, Meaning, and Understanding
PHI3PMP - Postmodernism
POD2PPA - Introduction to Podiatric Practice A
POL1AUP - Australian Politics
POL1PPE - Politics, Philosophy and Economics
POL1SNS - States, Security and International Relations
POL2DDA - Political Change and Development In The Third World
POL2IME - War and Peace: Introduction to Conflict Resolution
POL3INR - Authoritarian Empires: Russia, China And The Politics Of Eurasia
PSY1BNB - Introduction to Behavioural Neuroscience 1B
PSY1CFP - Clinical Foundations of Psychological Science
PSY1EFP - Experimental Foundations of Psychology
PSY2ACH - Abnormal, Clinical and Health Psychology
PSY2DEV - Developmental Psychology
SLE131 - Principles of Chemistry
SOC1SAC - Introduction to Sociology
SOC3WES - Work, Employment and Society
SPA1001 - Spanish 1
SPA1002 - Spanish 2
STC2SIM - Science in the Media