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Evaluate the Impacts of King Leopold II’s Reign Over Congo.

Modern History

5 Pages Essays / Projects Year Uploaded: 2020

Despite never having stepped foot into Congo, King Leopold II’s horrifying reign over Congo has had many various and profound impacts throughout his rule, resulting in vast changes in the Congolese’s ethnic, political and economical landscape. The seemingly short 23 years of rule (1885 - 1908) under Leopold has facilitated a massive upheaval in Congo, transforming a once united and advanced civilisation into a cesspool of blood and sweat, rife with poverty and political cruelty. After Leopold’s personal reign, the government of Belgium ruled Congo from 1908 - 1960, a dictator named Joseph Mobutu from 1965 - 1997 and now the Kaliba family have all maintained Leopold’s policies with no attempts at reformation or democratisation, signalling the colossal impacts of its Leopoldian past.

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