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French Extension Film Neuilly Sa Mere Extract Notes

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Complete and detailed notes on French Extension film Neuilly Sa Mere covering extracts 1-5, including full translation of script in English, film techniques and notes on each of the issues (impact of social class, issues of tolerance and relationships). Useful for last-minute exam study.

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French Extension Film Neuilly Sa Mere Extract Notes
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Djamila Tante Nadia Sami Je
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Topics this document covers:
Djamila Tante Nadia Sami Je
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16/INT SOIR/APPART SAMI/CITE MAURICE RAVEL NADIA Sami! Monte! J'ai trouvé un travail très bien payé, sur le Queen Elizabeth. Tu sais, le paquebot... Ils me prennent à l'essai comme serveuse. Je commence lundi. Sami! Come here! I found a job that pays well, on the Queen Elizabeth. You know, the cruise ship. They are taking me on for a trial period as waitress, I start on Monday. SAMI Mais je vais aller où alors À la DASS* C'est ça Where am I going to go then To a foster family Is that it NADIA Hmal*, j'vais pas t'abandonner! Non....Tu vas aller vivre chez ma sœur Djamila. Idiot, I'd never give you up! No... You'll live with my sister, Djamila. SAMI Celle qui s'est enfuie avec le français là, qui a des enfants The ...
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