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French Continuers Listening Notes

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High band 6 notes on French Continuers listening exams- includes complete notes on each type of question that may be possibly asked, how to answer them (how marks are allocated), a listening technique database, and a full list of harder expressions in past HSC exams that may be difficult to recognise. Useful for listening exam revisions.

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French Continuers Listening Notes
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Directly answer the question, the reason 2. Provide relevant information+ expand on reason Sm relates closely with the topic, has personal experience in everyday life, describe so others may understand Complete the table, list, outline 1. Each for one detail Explain why sb has chosen smth 1. Each for a reason to an aspect of smth E.g. feel safe because he will be on a group tour, monuments all lit up will be magical because the tour is at night, experience will be different because the tour is by bike Explain why sb's is [comparative feeling e.g. happy] in doing smth 2. Each for what contributes to his feeling+ what it is like before Who is the advertisement targeting 1. Identify audience 2. Furthe...
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