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4 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

Sally: Hi Jane, has you’re class finished reading “king Lear” yet? We just finished last lesson. Jane: Yeah, we did too, I don’t know if you agree but I am so amazed by all of the different versions that people have made of this play! There is so much to explore, like the ideas, structure, language and staging. Sally: I know! The text contains such universal qualities and ideas like you said, that there are endless inter- pretations possible! Jane: Yes, that is so true, our teacher Mr. Reid showed us Richard Eyre’s BBC film Production in class yester- day. The primary idea of that production was to highlight family dynamics as seen through a psychological interpretation. Mr. Reid also told us that Eyre has said he believes “Psychologically you don’t really grow up until your parents die.” Sally: Really? I’ve never heard of that, how does he portray the family dynamics in the film? Jane: In Act 1 , Scene 1 Eyre’s sentiments are clearly shown through Lear’s patriarchal power over the family. Eyre has emphasised the archetypal family by using costuming, language and structure. The costuming is very plain to emphasises that characters and the family plot rather than the setting and context. In this scene Lear appears in very dark clothing with a sinister cape. Cordelia, Gonerill and Regan are all shown in drab, grey clothing. The plain and masculine style of their dresses stresses the lack of a feminine or maternal influence in their lives. Instead the place of the mother is filled by Cordelia who is sitting at the opposite end of the table to Lear, traditionally the Queens seat. This established Cordelia as the favoured child. It also highlights to the audience the lack of the mother figure in their lives. The style in which Lear enters into the room asserts his wish to be noticed and respected as he appears flanked by attendants and courtiers. His black cape highlights his majesty while also suggesting foreboding for the future.

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