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Creative Writing Piece

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Just an english Creative for preliminary about belonging. got 19/20 in the prelim exam

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Creative Writing Piece
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The sun’s rays illuminated everything in its path, bringing succinct life to the barren mountain. The light breeze shifted towards me, wrapping itself around my body like a warm blanket. I came to this place whenever I had thoughts on my mind, it was my safe haven, my home. A luminescent vibrant parrot landed on my shoulder. It was small, fragile and it nibbled on the barren bark of the tree. It flew off into the distance, spreading its wings in the light breeze, eventually gliding across the calm, peaceful body of water. I stood up and walked across the edge of the rocky mountain, shimmying along the bank of the river, careful not to fall in. A flicker of dim light from the depths of the water caught my eye and made me fall victim to its beauty. I was as mesmerised as a teenage boy falling in love for the first time. I peered down into the water, where the morning sun fashioned...
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