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HSC - Higher School Certificate

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Essay / Project

Business Studies Business report
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Business Studies Business report

Business Studies

6 Pages HSC - Higher School Certificate Year 12 Essay / Project Year: Pre-2016

This is a great Business report. 19/20 mark Executive summary PRINE LTD is a leading Australian Manufacturer of hearing aids and PRINE LTD now plans to expand to Europe and North America. There are many global factors affecting operational strategies including the strategy of global sourcing, scanning and learning, and research &development. Maintaining production quality is also important for the business to gain a reputable brand name. Quality that needs to be maintained includes the quality of design, service and conformance. As PRINE LTD is planning to expand to Europe and North America there are many options for global marketing strategies. Global marketing strategies include Global branding, standardization and customization, global pricing and competitive positioning. Setted out in correct formatting.

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