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1001CCJ - Introduction to Criminal Justice
1001EHR - Work and Employability
1001GIR - International Relations
1001HSL - Foundation Studies
1001MSC - Chemistry of Biology Systems I
1001NSC - Human Biology
1001PSY - Introduction to Psychology 1
1002HSL - Introduction to Research
1002PSY - Introduction to Psychology 2
1003BPS - Topics in Biosciences
1003CCJ - Law Government and Justice
1003MKT - Introduction to Marketing
1003PSY - Research Methods and Statistics 1
1005CCJ - An Introduction to Crime
1005ENV - The Diversity of Life
1005HSL - People and Places in the Service Industries
1005MSC - Genes & Disease
1006BPS - Functional Molecular Genetics
1006HSV - Human Services Structures
1006PSY - Psychology for the Health Sciences
1007HSV - Human Services Processes
1008CCJ - Understanding Social Problems
1008HSV - Interpersonal Skills
1008ICT - Business Informatics
1008NSC - Principles of Forensic Investigation
1008PSY - Interpersonal Skills
1009CCJ - Doing Criminology
1009PSY - Introduction to Psychological Science and Society
1010CCJ - Introduction to Forensic Psychology
1010HSV - Lifespan Development
1011CCJ - Criminology Skills
1011LAW - Law and the Modern State
1011SCG - Mathematics 1A
1012CCJ - Police, Courts & Criminal Law
1012ICT - Communications for ICT
1012LAW - Intro. to Legal Theory
1013CCJ - Introduction to Criminology & Criminal Justice
1014CCJ - Homicide
1014LAW - Contracts and Civil Obligations 1
1014MSC - Cells, Tissues and Regulation
1014NSC - Fundamentals of Biochemistry
1015HSV - Human Behaviour
1015MSC - Chemistry of Biology Systems II
1016MSC - Anatomy & Physiology Systems I
1017LAW - Legal Writing
1017MSC - Anatomy & Physiology Systems II
1019HUM - Foundations of Academic Writing
1021SCG - Chemistry 1A
1028HSV - Equity & Diversity
1028LAW - Global Law
1029LAW - Contracts 1
1030LAW - Contracts 2
1031LAW - Foundations of Law
1041SCG - Biological Systems
1042SCG - Genetics and Evolutionary Biology
1101AFE - Accounting Principles
1101IBA - Management Concepts
1102AFE - Accounting for Decision Making
1102PPP - Political Institutions
1104NSC - Chemistry IB
1105QCM - Music, Mind and Brain
1109HSL - Introduction to International Tourism and Hotel Management
1117HUM - World History
1202AFE - Financial Planning 1
1203AFE - Money, Banking and Finance
1204HSL - Introduction to Event Management
1205MED - Health Challenges for the 21st Century
1206AHS - Food, Society and the Nutrition Workforce
1220HSL - Information System For Service Industries
1303AFE - Economics for Decision Making
1305AFE - Business Data Analysis
1506QCA - Modernity and Postmodernity
1510HUM - Introduction to Public Relations
1702HUM - Genres of Journalism
1801NRS - Effective Communication
1802NRS - Medications and Safe Administration
1907HUM - Gender History and Culture
1976NRS - Nursing Practices
1977NRS - Clinical Health Assessment
1979NRS - Understanding Research in Practice
2000CCJ - Psychology of Crime
2000MSC - Molecular Genetics
2000PSY - Experimental Design and Analysis
2001GIR - Introduction to Political Philosophy
2001HUM - International Change in the Social World
2002CCJ - Introduction to Policing
2002EHR - Human Resource Management
2002MSC - Pathophysiology
2002NSC - Human Physiology
2003BPS - Metabolism
2003CCJ - Understanding Corrections
2004EHR - Employment Relations Law
2004GIR - Government-Business Relations
2004LAW - Transnational Law
2004PSY - Occupational Psychology
2005BPS - Protein Science
2005EHR - Organisational Behaviour
2006PSY - Cognition, Memory and Learning
2007CCJ - Sociology of Crime
2007MSC - Microbiology
2007PSY - Biological Psychology
2008CCJ - Situational Crime Prevention and Security Management
2008MSC - Structural Biochemistry
2008NCS - General Microbiology
2008PSY - Social and Cultural Psychology
2009CCJ - Statistics for Social Research
2009EHR - Recruitment and Selection
2010PSY - Health Psychology
2011CCJ - Offender Profiling
2011LAW - Trusts
2011MSC - Metabolism
2011NSC - Forensic Evidence and the Expert Witness
2012AHS - Integrated Systems Physiology
2012CCJ - Innovative Justice
2012GIR - Comparative European Politics
2013CCJ - Crime and Media
2014CCJ - Victimology
2014MSC - Organic Chemistry
2015CCJ - Gender, Crime and Justice
2015PHM - Pharmaceutical Science I
2015PSY - Developmental Psychology
2016PSY - Personality Psychology
2018CCJ - White Collar Crime
2018LAW - Intro to Public Law
2019LAW - Crime 1
2020CCJ - Counter-Terrorism Law
2020GIR - Global Security
2020LAW - Crime 2
2020MSC - Neurobiology
2021LAW - Torts 1
2021MSC - Oral Biology
2021PSY - Psychology in Organisations
2022LAW - Torts 2
2045HUM - Culture, Belonging and Cosmopolitanism
2102AFE - Financial Accounting
2103LAW - Sports Law
2105AFE - Introduction to Business Law
2106AFE - Company Law
2120HSL - Financial Management For Tourism & Hotels
2128IBA - Business Processes
2202LAL - Beyond What is Said: The Pragmatics of English
2204HSL - Sustainable Tourism
2206AFE - Investment Analysis and Management
2208HSL - International Food and Beverage Management
2216HSL - Rooms Division Management
2220MED - Epidemiology
2222HSL - Marketing & Sales For Tourism & Hotels
2303AFE - Economics for Decision Making 2
2315HSL - Event Marketing and Sponsorship
2513LHS - Media Law
2706HUM - Thinking Ethically
2801NRS - Nursing Clients with Acute Medical/Surgical Conditions
2805NRS - Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare
2972NRS - Health Law and Ethics
2973NRS - Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1
3001CCJ - Crime, Analysis and Investigation
3001EHR - Negotiation
3002GBS - Career Development Learning
3002LAW - Corporate Governance
3002MSC - Pharmacology
3003LAW - Negligence and Accident Compensation
3003PSY - Research Methods and Statistics 3
3005LAW - Law of Associations
3005PSY - Counselling Psychology
3006CCJ - Punishment, Justice & Reform
3006PSY - Psychological Assessment
3007PES - Injury Prevention & Management
3009NSC - Biomedical Sciences Laboratory
3009PSY - Abnormal Psychology
3010PSY - Cognitive Neuroscience
3011EHR - Performance Management
3012CCJ - Social Science Research Methods
3012LAW - Property Law 2
3012PSY - Adult Development and Ageing
3013MSC - Infectious Disease
3014LAW - Property 1
3014MSC - Molecular Biology
3015CCJ - Youth Justice
3015LAW - Property 2
3016CCJ - Race, Crime and Justice
3016LAW - Constitutional Law
3016MSC - Macromolecular and Cellular Biochemistry
3017LAW - Administrative Law
3017NSC - Forensic DNA Profiling
3018THS - Destination Management
3019MKT - Franchising and Small Businesses
3020CCJ - Evolutionary Criminology
3021CCJ - Crime Script Analysis
3022CCJ - Restorative Justice Practices
3022MSC - Molecular Medicine
3022NSC - Forensic Case Studies
3025CCJ - Developmental and Life Course Criminology
3030DOH_Y1 - Clinical Dental Practice 2
3030DOH_Y2 - Clinical Dental Practice II
3040MKT - Digital and Social Marketing
3101AFE - Accounting Theory and Practice
3102AFE - Auditing
3104 AFE - Strategic Management Accounting
3106AFE - Revenue Law: Theory and Policy in Action
3120HSL - Managing Culturally Diverse Workplaces
3121MED - First First Peoples Health & Practice
3212HSL - Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hotels
3215HSL - Hotel Service Operations Management
3323HSL - Sport Marketing
3349QCM - Music Research
3929NRS - Introduction to Sexual Health and STI
3978NRS - Aged Care Nursing
3980NRS - Functioning Effectively in Health Organisations
4013LAW - Property Law 3: Regulation of Proprietary Interests
4024LAW - Equity and Trusts
4025LAW - Corporations and Associations Law
4031LAW - Criminal Procedure and Sentencing
4032LAW - Principles of Criminal Law
4037ENV - Transport Planning
4118ENV - Policy Making and Climate Change
5024LAW - Cyber Law
5027LAW - Family Law
5029LAW - Workplace Law
5035LAW - Health Care Law
5041LAW - International Commercial Law
5163LAW - Succession
5180LAW - Legal Rhetoric
5193LAW - Ethics and Professional Responsibility
5194LAW - Evidence
5195LAW - Theories of Law
5210LAW - Civil Procedure
5218LAW - Gender and the Law
5233LAW - Environmental Justice
5327LAW - Wild Law: The Theory and Practice of Earth Jurisprudence
5901LAL - Language and Communication for Business & Commerce
7209MKT - Integrated Marketing Communication
7303LAW - Introduction to Administrative Law
7400DOH_Y1 - Comprehensive Care I
7400DOH_Y2 - Comprehensive Care 1
7409ENG - Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment
7920IBA - Sustainability and Systems Thinking
8001MED_Y1 - Medicine 1
8002MED_Y1 - Medicine 2
8002MED_Y2 - Medicine 2
CMM10 - Screen History and Research
CMM16 - New Communication Technologies
EHR101 - Employment Relations
HSL222 - Marketing and Sales for Hotels
HUM702 - Classic Russian Novels of 19th Century
MKT3001 - Social Marketing
MKT307 - Social Marketing: Applying Marketing for Social Change
SGY14 - Understanding the Social World