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BUSN1011 - Accounting for Managers
CRIM1012 - Criminology
CRIM1101 - Criminology
CRIM2204 - Criminal Process and the Courts
CRIM3302 - International Criminal Justice
EDUC9511 - Complex Communication Needs and Augmentative & Alternative Communication
EDUC9512 - Supporting Learners with Disability and Challenging Behaviour
EDUC9521 - Educating Children with Learning Difficulties
EDUC9551 - Introduction to Sensory Impairment
EDUC9552 - Collaborative Consultation
EDUC9553 - Autism Spectrum Disorders: Teaching and Learning
JUSS1000 - An Introduction to Justice and Society
LEGL1101 - Australian Justice System
LLAW1104 - Principles of Criminal Law and Procedure
LLAW1212 - Criminal Law and Legal Method
LLAW1214 - Contract
LLAW1221 - Professional Skills and Ethics
LLAW1222 - Issues in Criminal Law
LLAW1223 - Torts I
LLAW1224 - Advanced Contract Law
LLAW2211 - Torts 2 [Interviewing]
LLAW2212 - The Constitution and the Australian Federation
LLAW2213 - Administrative Law 1: Judicial Review
LLAW2214 - Property Equity and Trusts
LLAW2221 - The Constitution and the Australian People [Indigenous / Social Justice I]
LLAW3102 - Corporate Law [Drafting]
LLAW3212 - Civil Litigation
LLAW3221 - Real Property Law
LLAW3243 - Family Law
LLAW3244 - Health Law
N/A001 - Law of Torts
NUR3002 - Advanced Decision-Making and Practice
NURS1008 - Indigenous Health and Cultural Safety
NURS2001 - Understanding People and the Healthcare Environment
NURS2003 - Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
NURS2006 - Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement
NURS2007 - Integrating Theory and Practice
PARA2000 - Pathophysiology 1
PARA2001 - Pathophysiology 2
PSYC1102 - Psychology 1B
PSYC2019 - Personality & Social Psychology
PSYC2020 - Cognition & Learning
SPTH1102 - Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
SPTH1506 - Linguistics and Phonetics