Thinkswap Elite

Earn by selling your best notes

If you have exceptional subject notes and would like to make money for your hard work, join thousands of other Elite uploaders and earn money each time your notes sell. We have a strong student community, with over 150,000 active students using Thinkswap to purchase study notes for their courses.

How Thinkswap Elite Works in Australia

What can I upload?

We are looking for high quality study notes you created whilst completing your subjects. These need to be entirely created by you and cover all topics in the subject.

What will I earn for each document?

Documents you upload to Thinkswap will earn a royalty payable to you each time it sells. Currently we pay up to 65% of the sale price.

  • Base Royalty: This is the minimum royalty you will earn.
  • Bonus Royalty: This is an additional royalty you can activate after your first upload.
  • Thinkswap Commission: This is the amount we take from each sale.

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