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ARTS1011 - Arts Storytelling
CRI1103 - Criminology
CRI3102 - Indigenous Australians as Victims and Offenders
CRI3103 - Juvenile Justice
CSI5319 - Computer Forensics
LAW1111 - Contract Law 1
LAW1113 - Criminal Law I
LAW1116 - Legal Process
LAW1117 - Torts 1
LAW1214 - Criminal Law 2
LAW2102 - Property Law I
LAW2104 - Constitutional Law
LAW2105 - Employment Law
LAW2602 - Environmental Law and Administration
LAW3102 - Corporations Law
LAW3103 - Equity
LAW3109 - Civil Procedure
LAW4607 - Family Law
MAN1100 - Management I
MAN2120 - Organisational Behaviour
MAN2601 - Employment Relations
MIP2102 - Midwifery Practice 3: Developing Midwifery Competencies
MIT4101 - Applied Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Midwifery
NCS1202 - Evidence Based Practice in Health Care
NCS2102 - Mental Health and Illness
NCS2202 - Culture and Health
NCS3101 - Child and Adolescent Health
NCS3102 - Primary Health Care
NMS3201 - Applied Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 3
NMW4119 - Consolidation of Midwifery Practice
SCH2131 - Drugs in Society