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307536 - Engineering Mathematics 120
307538 - Engineering Mathematics 140
ACCT1000 - Introduction to Accounting
ACCT3001 - Management Control Systems
APC100 - Academic and Professional Communications
BCCB2000 - Foundations of Biochemistry
BIS100 - Introduction to Business Information Systems
BLAW100 - Business Law 100
BLAW1004 - Business Law
BLAW2006 - Company Law for Business
CHEM2000 - Chemical Energetics and Kinetics
CHEM2004 - Chemical Structure and Spectroscopy
CHEM2005 - Analytical Chemistry
CMHL1000 - Foundations for Professional Health Practice
CMHL1001 - Evidence Informed Health Practice
COMP1004 - Engineering Programming
CRIM2000 - Fundamentals of Criminal Law
CVEN3000 - Pumps and Open Channel Flow
ECON1000 - Introductory Economics
ECON2001 - Macroeconomics Principles
ECON2004 - Microeconomic Principles
ECON3004 - Macroeconomic Theory
EDC370 - Indigenous Australian Education
EDP226 - Professional Studies in Managing Learning Environments
EDP311 - Cultural Contexts in Primary Education
EDP333 - Pedagogies and Planning for English
EDPR2000 - Inquiry in the Science Classroom
EDPR3002 - Health and Physical Education
EDUC4005 - Early Childhood Inclusive Education
ELEN1000 - Electrical Systems
ELEN1001 - Introduction to Renewable Energy to Renewable Energy
GEOG3000 - Global Cities and Regions
GEOL1006 - Fundamentals of Geology 2
GMED2005 - Cardiopulmonary Science
HHB130 - Health and Health Behaviour
HRMM3000 - Performance & Conflict Management
HUMB1000 - Human Structure and Function
HUMB1001 - Integrated Systems Anatomy and Physiology
HUMB1005 - Applied Anatomy
INDH1006 - Indigenous Cultures and Health Behaviours
INVE3000 - Introduction to Derivatives
ISYS2000 - Supply Chain Information Management
ISYS2002 - Introductory Systems Analysis and Design
ISYS2005 - Business Systems Selection
LAWS1001 - Advanced Contract Law
LAWS1003 - Advanced Tort Law
LAWS2000 - Property Law Principles
LAWS2003 - Principles of Equity
LAWS2005 - Corporate Law
LAWS3011 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
MAEN1000 - Engineering Materials
MCEN1000 - Engineering Mechanics
MEDI2007 - Peripheral Musculoskeletal Science
MEDI3011 - Neuroscience Physiotherapy
MEDS5011 - Neuroscience Neurodevelopment
MEDS6018 - Neuroscience for Occupational Therapy
MGMT1000 - Fundamentals of Management
MGMT1001 - Communication in Business
MGMT2000 - Organisational Behaviour
MGMT2004 - Business and Sustainable Development
MGMT2007 - Australian Industrial Relations
MGMT2008 - Human Resource Management Introduction
MGMT3013 - Selecting and Promoting Staff
MKTG1000 - Discovering Marketing
MKTG2000 - Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG2001 - Brand Management
MKTG2003 - Tourism and Leisure Marketing
MKTG2004 - Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2005 - Marketing Research
MKTG2006 - Digital Communication Management
MKTG3004 - Strategic Marketing
MKTG3007 - Retail Marketing and Distribution
MKTG5003 - Marketing Management
MKTG5006 - Marketing Intelligence and Research
MKTG5007 - Buyer Behaviour and Analysis
MKTG5008 - Global Marketing Communications
NET102 - Internet and Everyday Life
NETS2003 - The Digital Economy
NETS3004 - Web Production
NETS5007 - Internet Collaboration and Organisation
NURS1003 - Imagining Health in Social and Cultural Contexts
OCCT1000 - Concepts of Occupational Therapy Practice
OCCT1001 - Introduction to Occupational Therapy
OCCT6001 - Clinical Counselling and Group Work
PATH2002 - Anatomy and Pathology
PHAR2000 - Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Formulation
PHGY2000 - Natural Hazards
PHTY2001 - Basic Physiotherapy Practice
PHTY2002 - Movement Science
PHYS1006 - Foundations of Physics
PHYS1008 - Radiation Physics and Instrumentation
PHYS2003 - Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism
PHYS2004 - Scientific Data Acquisition
PHYS2005 - Electromagnetism
PHYS3002 - Solid State Physics
PHYS3005 - X-Ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy
PRJM6002 - Project Time Management
PRRE2001 - Metallurgical Processes
PSYC1000 - Introduction to Psychology
PSYC1001 - Foundations of Psychology
PSYC1002 - Science and Professional Practice in Psychology
TAXA2000 - Introduction to Australian Tax Law