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ARCH2037 - Post Roman Archaeology of Britain
BIOL1003 - Evolution, Ecology and Genetics
BIOL1004 - Biology 2: Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOL1008 - Human Biology
BIOL1009 - Diversity of Life
BIOL2103 - Human Physiology
BIOL2151 - Genetics
BIOL2161 - Genes: Replication and Expression
BIOL2162 - Molecular Gene Technology
BIOL2171 - Biochemistry and Nutrition
BUSI2023 - Dynamics of Asian Business
BUSI2025 - International Business
BUSI2034 - Dynamics of European Business
BUSI3030 - International Supply Chain Management
BUSN1001 - Business Reporting and Analysis
BUSN1101 - Introduction to Commercial Law
BUSN2015 - Company Accounting
BUSN2101 - Law of Business EntitIes
BUSN3001 - Accounting Theory
BUSN3002 - Auditing
BUSN3006 - Public Sector Accounting
BUSN3008 - Financial Reporting for Corporations
BUSN7057 - Business Association Law
CH369 - Biochemistry
CHEM1101 - Chemistry 1
CHEM1201 - Chemistry 2
CHEM2211 - Chemical Biology 1
COMP2310 - Concurrent and Distributed Systems
ECON2009 - Labour Economics and Industrial Relations (P)
ECON2101 - Microeconomics 2
EMSC1006 - The Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Science
EMSC2019 - Geobiology and Evolution of Life on Earth
ENGL3005 - 16th, 17th and 18th Century Literature
ENGN1217 - Introduction to Mechanics
ENGN2218 - Electronic Systems and Design
ENGN3226 - Digital Communications
ENVS1001 - Environment and Society: Geography of Sustainability
EURO1004 - Europe in the Modern Era: Foundations of International Relations
FILM2005 - Moving Pictures: Cinema and the Visual Arts
FINM1001 - Foundations of Finance
FINM2003 - Investments
FREN2024 - Continuers French I
HIST01 - History 01
HIST1205 - Europe and the Atlantic World
HISTL2136 - World at War, 1939-1945
INFS2005 - Accounting Information Systems
INTR2012 - China's New Approaches to Asia-Pacific Security
LAW405 - Remedies
LAWS1201 - Foundations of Australian Law
LAWS1202 - Lawyers, Justice and Ethics
LAWS1203 - Torts
LAWS1204 - Contracts
LAWS1205 - Australian Public Law
LAWS1206 - Criminal Law and Procedure
LAWS2201 - Administrative Law
LAWS2202 - Commonwealth Constitutional Law
LAWS2203 - Corporations Law
LAWS2204 - Property
LAWS2205 - Equity and Trusts
LAWS2207 - Evidence
LAWS2244 - Litigation & Dispute Management
LAWS2249 - Legal Theory
LAWS2250 - International law
LAWS4215 - Environmental Law
LAWS4217 - Family Law
LAWS4221 - Income Tax
LAWS4222 - Intellectual Property
LAWS4237 - Financial Markets and Takeovers
LAWS4259 - Consumer Protection and Product Liability Law
LAWS6104 - Contracts
LAWS6106 - Criminal Law and Procedure
LAWS6205 - Equity and Trusts
LAWS6250 - International Law
LAWS8034 - Law and Regulation
LAWS8584 - Insolvency Law
LL206 - International Financial Law
MATH1042 - Philosophy of the Cosmos
MEAS2000 - Iranian History and Culture
MGMT2004 - Negotiation
MGMT2100 - Communication for Business
MGMT3015 - Corporate Strategy
MGMT8001 - Managing Process Innovation
PHIL1005 - Critical Thinking and Practical Reasoning
PHIL1007 - Philosophy, Society, Humanity
PHYS1001 - Foundations of Physics
POLS1005 - Introduction to International Relations
POLS1006 - Introduction to International Relations: Contemporary Global Issues
POLS2011 - Development and Change
POLS2094 - Issues in International Political Economy
POLS2100 - Genocide - Post 1945
POLS2125 - Game Theory
POLS3017 - International Relations Theory
PSYC1003 - Psychology 1: Understanding Mind, Brain and Behaviour
PSYC1004 - Psychology 2: Understanding People in Context
PSYC2001 - Social Psychology
PSYC2009 - Quantitative Methods in Psychology
SCOM1001 - Science Communication 1: Science and Public Awareness
SOCY1002 - Self and Society
SOCY2054 - Social Networks: Critical Structure and Processes in Modern Society
SOCY2063 - Crime and Punishment
STAT1008 - Quantitative Research Methods
STAT3011 - Graphical Data Analysis