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12 Pages Essays / Projects Year Uploaded: 2022

This is a 4k word essay for the module "Virginia Woolf: Fiction, Feeling, Form" about identity and self in "The Waves," "Orlando," "Mrs Dalloway" and "Lapin and Lapinova." Mark received: 70. Feedback received: This essay offers a freshly illuminating exploration of identity in Woolf's work. The ideas behind the essay as outlined in the introduction initially seemed far too broad, and might still have been usefully narrowed down, but what is notable about this essay is how it finds new things to say even about a much-discussed topic. Thinking about Woolf in terms of philosophical specifics when it comes to understanding identity -- e.g. Hume's ideas, which are very helpfully employed here, or ideas about the episodic nature of selfhood -- means that this essay is able to carefully unfold Woolf's shifting conceptions of selfhood. The essay does very well in tracing the philosophical import of the small details of Woolf's work and characterization in her novels, and the student might productively aim to continue to bring together philosophical detail and close readings in this way in future work. The essay would be bolstered by some further engagement still with the detail of Woolf's work -- it misses a few opportunities for close analysis, and would be strengthened by a further sense of the philosophical influences on Woolf. But this is nonetheless a thought-provoking and astute essay.

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