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Marcus and Penelope entered into an agreement with Aaron for a basement flat. Marcus and Penelope were asked to sign a document called a “License Agreement”. The agreement contained the following terms : a. Marcus and Penelope were to pay a “license fee” of £1000.00 each month; b. The “license” shall last “ until such time as England wins the World Cup”; c. Aaron was allowed to enter the flat every Friday afternoon to remove the recycling.; and d. Marcus and Penelope were to vacate the property every Saturday afternoon as Aaron was to utilize the flat for choir practice. Last week, Aaron sold his house to Zane. Zane has informed Marcus and Penelope that they have to leave the flat by the end of the month. Present Marcus and Penelope with an opinion, identifying and explaining key challenges on the matter. The poster presentation is to be supported by relevant cases and journal articles.

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