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Ethical and Legal Issues with Medical Assistance in Dying Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), also known as Physician-Assisted Death (PAD), is the administration of a drug by a physician or a nurse practitioner to a patient upon their request, which causes their death (Ministry of Health, O., 2021). Patients usually make this request when there is no longer an option for a viable treatment, and when their illness has reached a point where they can no longer perform basic functions. Overall, the reason for requesting MAiD is personal to each patient. This decision allows patients autonomy over their life. Some inaccurate and misleading terms have been used to refer to MAiD such as assisted suicide or euthanasia (choices, c., 2007). Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and euthanasia are both terms widely used synonymously with MAiD throughout the world and in most literature pertaining to the topic. Due to the aforementioned point, PAS and euthanasia will be used synonymously to MAiD throughout the paper to ensure the integrity of the citations and information collected from the references. MAiD is also considered an option for treatment and should be a patient’s voluntary request (Ministry of Health, O., 2021). Patients who are older than 18 years of age, mentally able to make dependent decisions, and with a terminal illness with a prediction of six months or less to live, have the right to demand medical assistance from their doctors in hospitals (choices, c., 2007). Many factors may lead to a patient requesting access to MAiD and examples include severe disabling disorders and terminal illnesses. The most important reason was disease-related symptoms, for example, patients with end-organ failure, malignancies, and neurological diseases (Wiebe et al., 2018). Other reasons include loss of autonomy or the loss of ability to enjoy activities and the least common reason was fea

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