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5 Pages Essays / Projects Year Uploaded: 2020

As part of your summative assignment in History, please select an influential figure in Canadian history whose actions greatly impacted Canadians. Include a detailed biography and the legacy or impact he/she left as a result. Include a bibliography at the end where all sources will be stated (not just from websites but textural evidence as well!). Many influential figures are not unanimously loved by the population. Remember to include any controversy surrounding your figure and whether you may agree/ disagree with their decisions. This is not a persuasive piece, therefore keep in mind that arguments from both sides should be presented in the third person only (avoid personal pronouns). Present your findings in class by Thursday briefly and submit on Google Classroom no later than Monday. Presentations should not exceed 10 minutes (aim for less than 1500 words) and should encompass as many topics related to Canadian History you can include. Do not plagiarise or copy work that is not authored by yourself only, and statistics and other factual information should be appropriately cited. Good luck!

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