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If you’re studying Law at the University of Technology Sydney, then these study notes for 70218 - Criminal Law are bound to be a hugely helpful aid to your general revision, or exam preparation. We’ve got a comprehensive collection of notes submitted by past and present students just like yourself, ready for you to browse.

Looking at information presented in a new and different way can help the brain take it in more effectively - so rather than poring over your own study notes over and over again without taking anything in, why not refresh your study methods by having a look at another set of notes?

Take a look below, we’re sure you’ll find helpful study notes whichever area of the course you need help with. Using these 70218 - Criminal Law notes could just be the best academic decision you’ve made, but don’t worry about thanking us when you ace the exam or the assignment - just help future students by sharing your own notes in future!

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