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If you’re a Business student looking to grips with the 25557 - Corporate Finance course at UTS, Thinkswap has just what you need right here. We’ve assembled a collection of study notes from students just like yourself, in order to help you get the most out of your studies and pass with flying colours.

Whether you’re seeking help with a particular assignment, or you just want an overview of the whole of the subject, you can choose from the available documents, which helped the original posters get great grades (and can help you too!). Your brain gets more stimulated by information presented in a new and different way (rather than repeatedly poring over your own notes), so by looking at things from a past student’s perspective it could be very helpful and enlightening.

Take a look below, and if you want a little more information about a particular document just click for a preview. If you’re running low on Exchange Credits, why not submit some notes of your own, and help other students

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