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Australian Property Law can be an intimidating subject to master. From comprehending the difference between real and personal property to complex questions about insurance, there is a lot to learn. If you are a student at the University of Sydney and currently enrolled in the Real Property course, you may be wondering how you can master the material more easily. Well, Thinkswap has a solution for you.

Research consistently shows that the brain will become bored when presented with the same material too many times. When we only read our own notes or spend too much time focusing on the assigned texts, we eventually stop processing the information. Thinkswap, however, maintains an extensive database of resources provided by other students who have previously attended the same class. Here you can find hundreds of pages of notes from past students to help supplement your own.

Accessing this vast database is easy. From your Thinkswap account, simply select the document you wish to use. By trading a few Exchange Credits, you gain access to that material and are on your way to better academic success.

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