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As a student at the University of Sydney enrolled in the Investments and Portfolio Management course, you have probably already experienced how heavy the workload can be. With essays, reports and journal summaries, not to mention readings and lectures, there is a lot to study. Trying to make sense of it all can be a bit frustrating at times. So Thinkswap has your solution.

When you start feeling a little stagnant or stumped with your own interpretation of course materials, head on over to Thinkswap’s expansive collection of course-specific documents. These resources have been provided by real students who were previously enrolled in the same course. By examining their notes, reports, assignments and essays, you will gain a fresh perspective on that complicated material. Studies show that having additional perspectives on something is often the key to success.

Getting these resources is a breeze. With your Thinkswap account, just trade a few Exchange Credits for the documents of your choice. Don’t forget, if you need to top up your account credits, you can always submit some of your material as well!

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