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If you are a student at the University of Sydney studying Corporate Finance, you know how intense it can be. With a plenty of reading and a whole range of concepts to master, so much is riding on your success in the exams and key assignment. It is essential that you master these concepts well enough to shine on the mid-term and final exam. So Thinkswap is here to help make sure you have the resources to excel.

Since it has been widely proven that students learn better with multiple perspectives on the same subject, Thinkswap provides just that. Rather than relying only on your personal course notes, Thinkswap offers you the ability to consult the notes of other previous students who attended the same University of Sydney course. In our incredibly extensive collection, you will also find sample assignments, samples of the major assignment, and much more.

To access this vast library of study resources, all you need is your Thinkswap account. Simply trade a few Exchange Credits for the documents of your choice and you are ready to go!

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