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Getting stressed out by your coursework and upcoming assessments? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with your peers? Thinkswap is here to support you by providing you with a collection of user-submitted course materials for BUSS1030 students at the University of Sydney. Here at Thinkswap, we have collected a huge amount of student notes, lecture materials, and other course resources from past and current students enrolled on the same course as you with one main objective — to help you ease your workload and pass with excellent grades, too.

With Thinkswap, you get the unrivalled opportunity to look at other people’s notes, compare your work with theirs, and even develop new ideas that will help you deliver better assignments in the future. As all these students have been enrolled in the same course, you can benefit from their input and use it to improve your own study. It’s also a great way to encourage your brain to retain more information without as much struggle.

So what are you waiting for? Academic success is right around the corner! Use Thinkswap credits to download materials and get a major leg-up on your peers.

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