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Preliminary Assessment Task Ancient History Case Study: Boudicca
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Page 1/8

Preliminary Assessment Task Ancient History Case Study: Boudicca

ARCA1001 - Ancient Civilisations

8 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

This is a research-based essay and requires a bibliography of at least 5 sources. Your essay is to be between 800 - 1200 words. You MUST include at least one PRIMARY and one SECONDARY source to support your argument. You are required to reference the sources you use throughout your essay. Boudicca’s interpretation both physically and mentality have evolved over time. The first written historical facts of her are derived form the Historian Tacitus In 60-61 AD, Boudicca; Queen of the Iceni led the people of Eastern England into a major uprising against the occupying Roman forces. Boudicca’s interpretation both physically and mentality have evolved over time. The two major ancient historians who recorded the story of the fierce female leader who attempted to avenge her people and nation were the historian Tacitus who penned The Annals in 110-120 AD; and Dio Cassius who composed his Roman History Vlll in 153-230 AD. Another development of Boudicca came in the early 17th century gaining ideological and cultural significance during the reign of Elizabeth l. Boudicca also reaffirmed the reigning role of Queen Victoria during her influence from 1 May 1837 until her death on the 22nd January 1901. The feminism movement utilized Boudicca as a role model of a strong female leader.

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