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Welcome to the University of Queensland PSYC1020 - Introduction to Psychology: Physiological & Cognitive Psychology Thinkswap page. We have lots of student contributed documents for this course to offer.

Below you’ll see all the documents offered: a variety of different study notes, essay examples, assignments and more. As each document is unique, you should click the “view details” button to read its overview. You can then compare the documents to determine which ones are best for your learning style.

You’ll find most documents are priced at one to five Exchange Credits. Thinkswap uses Exchange Credits for payment. These can be purchased on the site, or you can receive them by uploading your own course documents.

After purchasing, then it’s time to study. If you feel the documents you purchased don’t deliver as promised, let us know. We’ll credit you back the Exchange Credits. This is just one of thousands of courses available on Thinkswap, Australia’s largest student sourced library. Look for more of your courses using the search feature.

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