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10 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

This essay discusses the potential criminal liability of Ms Mary Crow arising from the death of Mrs Noeleen Bobinski. Material Facts of the Case In October 2011, Mrs Bobinski sought the guidance of Ms Crow in her attempt to lose weight. Crow had been privately operating as a naturopath and had advertised a 63-day water diet, which Bobinski, against the advice of her doctor, sought to undertake. Within 3 days of commencing the diet, Bobinski moved into Crow’s home to allow her close supervision and until the time of her death, proceeded not to have any contact with anyone else. After 2 months, she had lost 35 percent of her body weight and her health began to rapidly decline. Crow attempted to re-introduce fruit and fruit juice into her client’s diet with no success and on day 33, Bobinski fell unconscious. Although Crow called a doctor to assist her, she then passed away due to a heart attack resulting from malnutrition.

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