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University of Queensland

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Essay / Project

Lady Macbeth Soliloquy
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Lady Macbeth Soliloquy

ENGL2060 - Shakespeare and His Contempories

4 Pages University of Queensland Essay / Project Year Uploaded: 2017

sample text: Enough! Breathe. What have I to fear from a little blood? Is it meet for a queen to tremble so at the sight of it? Have I not ever held that it is better, like the fearless lioness, to boldly take action and strike than to meekly sit back on one’s haunches, watching and waiting, like the timid rabbit or the doe? Everything has its price. Is it really such a great dishonour, such an unpardonable sin, to strive in this most cruel and brutal world to better one’s lot? I have done all this for my beloved and for our unborn babes. “Hail King that Shall Be!” Was it not so foretold? Who would not reach out and snatch up the crown when it is thus laid at one’s feet? We had but to stoop and pick it up. But I was afeared! I knew my dearest husband was ‘too full of the milk of human kindness’ (1.5.15). But is it not a woman’s wifely duty to heed her husband’s counsel and to nurture and comfort him and be content with her lot? Did I go too far in goading him on to such a brutal, cold-hearted deed, blinded by the dream of all that would follow? All we desired thence fell into our laps—the triumph, the prestige, the power, the trappings and glories of majesty—only to be imperilled by the suspicions of Banquo. Though Banquo lies cold in the earth, it seems too late to stamp out that spark of suspicion, and now it looks to engulf the whole kingdom like the flames of Hell! Alack, it seems they all turn from us now.

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