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Assignment 2. Representation of Disability in Pop Culture
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Assignment 2. Representation of Disability in Pop Culture

HUMS1004 - Thinking Through Disability: People, Policies and Practices

3 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

Popular culture or pop culture consists of cultural elements that prevail in any given society. It holds different meaning depending on who is defining it and the context of use (Nachbar & Lause, 1992). In assignment 1, I have chosen Lady Gaga’s photoshoot of “the fame monster” for her famous song “paparazzi”. The photoshoot and the song uses the “disabled body” to convey the disabled effects as a result of her struggle between fame and love. This particular piece was chosen because there are increasing representation of disability in the media, and such representations of disability and deviance appear to change the norm and reinforce normativity. Through both social and cultural lens, I will discuss how disability is represented in popular music and art.

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