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Pursuing a career in the Arts & Humanities field can prove difficult, and the ARTS1091 – Media, Society, Politics course at the UNSW is sure to throw some challenges at you along the way. Whether you’re struggling to understand concepts or just need additional preparation materials for an upcoming assessment, Thinkswap has it all — and much more.

Our mission is to empower students studying Media, Society, Politics at the University of New South Wales by offering alternative learning materials, such as tutorials, notes, essays, practice exam questions, and more. Each document has been contributed by a student who has successfully completed the course and who has demonstrated a very high level of knowledge. With Thinkswap, you have the opportunity to review their work and improve your own. It’s also a great chance for you to explore new perspectives, theories and other sides of an argument that you wouldn’t have thought about yourself.

All Thinkswap materials are available in exchange for credits. You can also earn more credits by uploading your own top-performing materials — the more, the merrier. Join today and start making a difference to your academic performance.

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