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Many students on the ARTS1090 course at the University of New South Wales find the coursework particularly challenging. And we’ve all been there — trying to prepare a well-articulated essay but failing to do so on time; attempting to keep up with your note-taking during classes but not being able to. It happens, but it’s how you respond to this challenges that can make the biggest difference to your learning outcomes.

Thinkswap provides a convenient solution to these challenges — an extensive library of study materials for the ARTS1090 course, which have been submitted by previous students and have received excellent marks in the past. Whether you want to explore new ideas and perspectives, find additional references to use in your own work, or just get a glimpse of the type of work that will help you improve your academic performance, our online library is the answer.

Looking for essays on perception and memory? We’ve got them. Need some well-articulated lecture notes to use as the basis of your thesis? Ticked. Our ARTS1090 materials are diverse and very effective, so you’re sure to find something to benefit your learning journey here.

Take a look at our online library; alternatively, you can use the search option to look for specific types of materials or areas of study within your course.

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