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Literature Review About Global Governance and Planet Boundries
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Literature Review About Global Governance and Planet Boundries

MULT90004 - Sustainability Governance and Leadership

4 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

Due to the growing concerns of accelerating human activities could have destructive and moreover, catastrophic impacts for earth system, the concept of “planetary boundaries”, known as the “safe operating space for humanity” was proposed by (Rockström et al., 2009a,2009b) in 2009.They defined and quantified thresholds in nine interdependent aspects of the earth system, claiming that transgressing those may lead to non-linear, abrupt environmental change in either regional or planetary-scale. Here in this literature review, I describe the definition of planetary boundaries and global governance, explore what makes governance challengeable in global scale and review a promising governance methods under the concept of planetary boundaries.

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