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5 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2020

The communication in today's workplace is impacted by some new facts. Some traditional facts are also impact today's communication in ways different to it was 20 years ago. The fact impact the communication than any others is the using of new technology. This essay is focusing on the analysis of these impacts on communication in today’s workplace. The new technology like IM (instant messaging) tools provided new channels for communication. Enhances the efficiency, reduces the cost. IM communication could also save times for both communicator and receiver. For issues not urgent, communicator can leave a message to the receiver and no need to have a verbal conversation. It overcame some of the Communication barriers such as language and cultural barriers. Some IM tools can help build relationship. For example, the red pack is commonly used in Wechat communication. It is very popular in all age groups. People can also use IM when as a tool to ask helps from others. However, IM communication also created problems. There is a trend that verbal communication is replaced by IM communication. This trend has changed the way of encoding and decoding. Face to face conversation is an important part of communication. The receiver could decode many messages from speakers by non verbal communications such as proxemics, kinesics, facial and eye behavior and paralanguage. With the new IM communication, receivers could not get these messages so decoding sometimes becomes more difficult than before. The speaker also needs to modify the way of encoding, by adding more information such as picture and emoticons to reduce the chance of misunderstanding. The receiver also needs to modify the ways of decoding. Another problem is that employee received overloaded information. This brings more stress to receivers and may change the personal behavior and style of communication. People more easy to become “flame”

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